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  1. Minimum Age

    What's a computer?
  2. Backorders?

    Going on from this, will there be an option for pre-ordering?
  3. management of nexus

    Just wondering how will Nexus be managed i.e. administration side, will it be via IP Board or via its own separate admin panel? I would personally prefer to see it separate from each other, but thats my opinion. :)
  4. Should I get the iPad?

    its from Apple so you have to have it, whatever it is. :thumbsup:
  5. Pre-order options

    I reckon it would be great if you could say "pre order.. this digital album" and you set a date saying it will ship on such a date, and when that date comes it says its shipping now or if its sold out, says ships by... Or if its digital it instantly lets them download it.
  6. Pre-order options

    Just wondering will Nexus have options where users can pre-order items physical and both digital?
  7. HP Pavilion VS Macbook

    what would recomended? A HP Pavilion dv62120tx ( or a simple Macbook ( They both are the same price, same specs etc But undeicded on which one I would like. I would use it at uni and for using it as my main computer etc. And please note, NO hate mac comments (or hate PC remarks, as PCs are seriously cool) Any thoughts?
  8. IP.Chat Down

    Have you both update IP Chat to the latest version?
  9. Apple's Magic Mouse

    i wonder if it works with a *wispers* PC *ends wispering*
  10. What is this site using for its cms?

    cause...... :P
  11. Have you configured the permission correctly? To allow groups to access it?
  12. Try regenerating a key any putting the new key in the chat app.
  13. Hi there, have you entered the chat key CORRECTLY from the client area and put it in the Chat application correctly?