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  1. Admin CP search problem

    Yeah, happends to me all the time, just try writing in the seach input fast with deleting some chars u typed, fast, and it will just log out.
  2. Czech translation

    Hello, what is the status for now ?Would be interested in buying this!Thanks!
  3. Enhanced ban filters

    Built in import/export function for ban filters too please. :D
  4. IP.Board 3.1.1 - What's New?

    Really happy with the Facebook features. Looking forward to downloading 3.1.1. Hoping it doesn't come out with a lot of bugs. :P
  5. What would you like for v3.2?

    LOL I know. I'm just sayin'. xD
  6. What would you like for v3.2?

    Old 2.3 mods made compatible with new versions of the board. Like the wiki with 2.3.6. :(
  7. 3.1 Feedback

    I love the search overhaul the most. The search had a lot of issues back then. I haven't fully tested it out yet but I'm very optimistic about it. All I'm hoping for now is that my license doesn't expire before the launch date. :P
  8. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Status Updates

    yay for Facebook. :D
  9. bbAuthority: "Interview with Matt Mecham"

    Quote from Matt: "I liken us to a large multi-national family business." = Forum Mafia!!
  10. What's up with the massive load times here?

    Mine's only 0.2071 sec. Most of the time its on that range too.
  11. Reseller Accounts

    What happened to it? What are the downsides on IPS' side?
  12. Reseller Accounts

    Has anybody suggested or asked about this before? Most large hosting companies offer reseller accounts which widens their range and further reduces the effort of managing their hundreds and hundreds of customers. Would it make sense if IPS offers some kind of reselling account that includes all products and the hosting service? I know IPS can already manage all customers but based on the vB meltdown, i think there will be more and more customers coming and purchasing your products. It would also be great if the reseller gets something special like cheaper licenses or extended renewal dates. Post your opinion. :D
  13. XAMPP installation

    That's enough for me to switch. As long as it works fast then its enough. It's easy to adjust to different settings anyways. Just as easy as switching from vB to IPB. :D
  14. Cleancut?