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  1. Feature Request: Remove editor if BB code disabled

    Also, would it be possible to remove some bbcode, like font?
  2. Feature Request: Remove editor if BB code disabled

    Completely agree.
  3. Admin Panel Permissions (Default Page)

    I don't see this fixed in 3.1.3, is there a patch?
  4. IP.Board 3.1.3 Developers Update: "Comments" System

    So this will be used in IP.Content? If so <3 <3 <3, so much. Edit: Actually, does this include nested comments and sorting the comments reverse chronologically?
  5. IP.Board 3.1.3 Developers Update: "Like" System

    Looking forward to seeing if this will be included in IP.Content Articles.
  6. More robust commenting system.

    Would it be possible to have a more feature-filled commenting system? Having 'top rated' post go straight to the top with a star on it and be separated from the rest of the articles. Also to have it reverse chronological?
  7. [Feature Request] Similar Articles

    +1. Agree
  8. Hi, Could there be an option to make comments on IP.Content Articles reverse chronological? Thanks!
  9. IPS Product Line Release Schedule

    It makes sense to release Content first because of Pagination. I don't know how anyone is using Content without being frustrated about Pagination.
  10. IPS Product Line Release Schedule

    Hope Content is first.
  11. Hi, This is something that I think should be implemented as it's very confusing to an admin user who has restrictions on their account. When I set a user to ONLY have access to IP.Content on the AdminCP and they login, they're greeted with a: System Error [#1004] You do not have permission to access this page This is incredibly confusing for a user who has no idea what they have access to. You should have a 'default landing page' for groups with admin access. For example my 'Writers' have admin access but only to IP.Content. Shouldnt IP.Content be the default landing page?
  12. Search everything in Content.

    Agree, when will there be a better search system?
  13. Is there a possibility to get better integration with Facebook and Twitter? When submitting an article, there should be an easy way for the user writing the article to submit it to Twitter/Facebook with a msg. You should be able to attach the Facebook Account/Twitter Page. I'm not sure if this would work for individual users, but maybe 1 general account for all of IP.C? I run a news site off IP.C and this would be great, as we manually do it right now.
  14. Why IPC is failing

    I don't think IP.C is failing, but I think it will fail if IPC 2.1 doesn't contain some core features that are so sorely needed, like tags.