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  1. Derek M. added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.2.0: Remote Skin Editing   

    Wow, awesome stuff! Seriously, this really helps. I mean, as you said the Admin CP's editor is quite advanced, but sometimes having your own code editor helps more (especially when it comes to saving position, syntax coloring, etc).

    Definitely looking forward to 3.2, you guys have done a lot of hard work!
  2. Derek M. added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Shared Media   

    looks like vBulletin just got swept over, again ;) Great job IP team! Glad there's a software maker out there with class :D
  3. Derek M. added a post in a topic 3.2 - I love you IP!   

    Seeing the latest blog post (and other posts of course) I must say, you're going in the right direction IPB! Great to see software makers innovate their product more and put user experience on top. While functionality and specs are important, as Apple has shown, user experience is what makes or breaks it in the long run. For forum software, the best thing is to keep focus on conversations, while the extra features are exactly that, "extra". To enhance the experience if the user chooses to, but not hinder normal use.

    Keep it up :)
  4. Derek M. added a post in a topic To Expensive   

    This is very, very right. Programming isn't easy, and given the nature of the product (monetizing) it's perfectly fine at that price. Hell, look at other commercial eCommerce solutions (software) and what their price is in comparison to what Nexus offers still. And I mean that is both community integration, interface, management, features, etc.

    $75 isn't that much, really... Especially for something that is meant to make you money.
  5. Derek M. added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.2.0: New AdminCP Style   

    only thing I'd suggest is the menu colors. Please no purple, use green instead. Purple is a mix of blue and red, which is obvious, but basically means the emotional quality refers to very intense but slightly watered down. Green would give the impression of the yellow and blue emotional factors, that being calm yet 'warning'. Rather, a less intense/pressing urgency and more of a highlight.

    The purple just is too intense for what it is. If the purple was used for a important or warning notice need, then that would make sense.
  6. Derek M. added a post in a topic 3.2 - I love you IP!   

    Now you're killing me with anticipation! Heh

    Looking forward to it Charles :)
  7. Derek M. added a topic in Company Feedback   

    3.2 - I love you IP!
    Really, I do! I mean, I come back after some time and am welcomed with preview posts (in the blog) and wow... Lots of awesome improvements! I nearly felt the need to cry in joy, as a UI developer part of me has seen the usability (semi-minor) faults of the current IPB but am now being fixed with 3.2. And I mean, the live topic feature? Wow, didn't even think of that ever happening. It's basically showing even more devotion to the user experience, and I love it!

    "We're also taking full advantage of modern techniques to ensure that IP.Board has more of an application feel by eliminating page reloads and using rich web technologies."

    Best thing ever. Seriously, thank you for all your hard work so far on IPB 3.2! It makes me even more excited for my site project :) and continue my enthusiasm to work on it.

    One suggestion that I'm not sure if it is coming out or not (due to all these teasers), can you make the reply buttons on a post, pop down a reply field under the post when pressed? While I know vB4 does it, I'm not using that as a reason. The reason instead is a user experience one, and a UI designer's view of the goal of the software. That is to encourage and help contribution of other members, and this would helping by removing the requirement of scrolling to the bottom or loading a new page (unless they want more features of course) to reply.

    Just wanna see community and especially communication being focused on. The current 3.2 improvements are right in that direction, excited to see what's next!

    Again, thank you for all the hard work IP team, you guys deserve a celebration ;)
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  8. Derek M. added a post in a topic Please add birthday on registration   

    It's a legal thing, aside from a "beware" thing. If the user gives false information, that's not a problem with the staff of the site unless they know of the user's real age and do nothing to abid to their rules and laws.
  9. Derek M. added a post in a topic AJAX and More Streamlined Replies   

    Good, I'm hoping 3.2 isn't too far out then :P (as in, a few months, before summer)
  10. Derek M. added a post in a topic My suggestions for 3.2.0   

    That would work for your needs. I feel this suggestion is more bloat and clutter-some than a necessity, that's my opinion at least :P Fitting more to a niche of a site and not a general business or community site.

    They should have a more controlled avatar/profile picture system. That is, if you have something that isn't similar in ratio, the thumbnail will reflect that, thus a really tall image could occur. Some scaling and cropping would be awesome. This would be an extension of functionality separate but similar to what you're suggesting.
  11. Derek M. added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Improved profile feed
    I really feel the profiles need to become more simplified and meaningful. That is, they do technically 'work' for now and can be tweaked for certain needs of a coder, but it should be simplified for the whole aspect of a better product.

    Right now you can make status updates and have people comment on them. Then there's another area for your recent actions. And then there's comments which doesn't reflect any similar flow as the Status updates (no threaded replies). I think things should be sorted in one feed, or maybe two. But generally one feed. No I'm not asking to mimic this cause Facebook does it, but for the reason it's done purely.

    That is, combine comments, status updates, and activity in one feed. Group similar activities notices to keep the feed from going out of control in length, but essentially, comments and status updates should be on pair with each other (just one is reflected more on identity with how it's a tagline on other parts of the forum and the other is just a comment from another).

    Anyways, I just find the current to be overly complex and clutters up the page. Friends should be on the left side as well as much of the info on the left should be in the About tab. The success of a UI is one that doesn't throw everything in your face, but just keeps the common stuff present at first and leads a member into more advance/extensive options.
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  12. Derek M. added a post in a topic Live Search in Admin Area   

    I feel this should start going on the forum search in the future :P You know, "search suggestions".
  13. Derek M. added a post in a topic AJAX and More Streamlined Replies   

    It was an argument that another person stated in another thread (that's a month old). I never understood it either, other than an additional JavaScript code/file or so. But it essentially saves a page reload, so it only sends and receives the data for the AJAX command without the other stuff (scripts, images, database queries, etc) having to load again.
  14. Derek M. added a post in a topic AJAX and More Streamlined Replies   

    I hope so. That and making it appear under a post that has had their reply button clicked is a nice thing too. I'm not saying it cause "vB does it" but that it is actually a good usability decision. After all, if I wanted vB, I'd be using vB :P But no, vB4 is horrible. Well, maybe not 'too bad' but not an improvement.
  15. Derek M. added a post in a topic psd to ip.content   

    Have you tried any site, like Skinbox? Feedback section isn't the best place to ask for this stuff.