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  1. I'd definitely like members to be able to choose this individually as well.
  2. Anyone else having trouble moderating posts and topics after upgrading?

    1. MissNinja


      I submitted a ticket, but I was just wondering if anyone else was having a problem too.

  3. Elad Nava's Ajax Quick Reply mod does just that, though it's a paid mod. I love that modification and would love to see the things it does as default. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/306880-download-en30-ajax-fast-reply-v104/
  4. Category icons should be a default feature

    Wouldn't use it personally, but I can see how it'd be a feature that gets a lot of use. I'm sure if it was implemented it would be optional, so I'm all for it. :)
  5. Had a LOT of fun for Halloween... I'm the Joker! http://bit.ly/cHQX7l

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    2. Matt


      Wow, that's amazing! Can you do mine next year?

    3. media


      WOW!Nice... :)

    4. Amy T

      Amy T

      wow you did a really amazing job.

  6. Forum icons - are they really necessary?

    That is absolutely fantastic. Thank you SO much!
  7. Forum icons - are they really necessary?

    That worked great! Thank you! But is there a way to make the avatar images smaller?
  8. Are you sure that specifying a certain time for an article to be published at isn't working? I don't do it much myself, but I'm pretty sure that feature's working fine for me. :o And I think if you set IPC to create topics when you post a new article, it should post that at the same time the article is published. But I'm not positive on that, I don't really use that feature myself.
  9. Forum icons - are they really necessary?

    Yeah, I know. I was just saying I personally never use the forum icons to see if there's something new anyway, I look at the new post icon. And it does seem a little redundant to have both that and the forum icons. Yeah, I'd definitely love to know how to substitute the forum icons with avatars. A tutorial or mod or something would be quite nice.
  10. Any plans to improve the UI ?

    That's true, but if you're not using your rep system as a rep system but rather as a like system, and you change the language bits and graphics to match, it's essentially the exact same thing.
  11. Forum icons - are they really necessary?

    Hm, I usually depend on this icon to see if there's anything new: It seems a little redundant to have both that and the icons.
  12. Forum icons - are they really necessary?

    Haha, guess I'm not paying enough attention to XF. :lol: That is a neat idea, though. I like that a lot. Definitely prefer that to the forum icons.
  13. Forum icons - are they really necessary?

    I agree, I don't really like them either. I really like the topic starter's avatar idea. That'd be neat.
  14. Mouse Hover Topic Preview

    I DO like the first post/most recent post aspect of the IPS version of this, and I do prefer that to what vB has. However, the button IS really out of the way, and most people probably don't even notice it unless they know it's there, especially on light skins. If it were more visible and closer to the topic title, it would be perfect. Honestly, I think that the icon would work best if there was a topic preview button to the left of every topic title (not one that only appeared on hover, one that was solid and always visible). The placement is just inconvenient, and I don't use it as much as I probably would if it were placed somewhere better.