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  1. List of sites / pages done using CCS

    I recently redesigned our IPC homepage, so I thought it was worth posting here again. :) http://thekingdomkey.net/
  2. Ah, I definitely agree with this. I don't really want my IPC tags to be cross-app and being able to define IPC only or global for individual databases would be a good compromise.
  3. Ah, I definitely agree with this. I don't really want my IPC tags to be cross-app and being able to define IPC only or global for individual databases would be a good compromise. Though, that would unfortunately still mean we'd have to wait for tags to be implemented in all apps first. :/
  4. Allow Guests to comment on articles/database records etc

    Agreed, I've requested this before as well.
  5. I'd definitely like members to be able to choose this individually as well.
  6. Change FURL Marker through ACP

    That would be amazing!! :D
  7. Change FURL Marker through ACP

    The FURLs have been a pretty big headache for me while using IPC. I understand the reasoning behind the underscore (it's neutral), but like many people seem to, I hate it. I know it can be changed by editing two files, but I really think that changing the FURL marker should be an ACP option, something that doesn't get overwritten during an upgrade. I have Tweet and Like counters on all of my articles, and unfortunately during upgrades the files are overwritten, changing my FURL marker back to default and resetting all of these counters to zero. Additionally, it's just a huge hassle to change it back during upgrades. This really seems like something that should be easy to control without having to edit files. At least in my opinion. I hope to see this become easier to manage in the future.
  8. Articles Profile Tab

    I hadn't thought of that because I wouldn't personally need a tab for databases, but I think that's a cool suggestion I'm sure would get a lot of use. :D
  9. +1, I TOTALLY agree with this. I'd love to have IPC tags as a separate thing. I don't really care if people see forum topics or anything when they look through IPC tags.
  10. Anyone else having trouble moderating posts and topics after upgrading?

    1. MissNinja

      I submitted a ticket, but I was just wondering if anyone else was having a problem too.

  11. Why IPC is failing

    Well, there are some articles on using IPC here: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/documentation/index.html/_/documentation/administrator-control-panel/ipcontent And there's a tutorial on how to make the default demo site here: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/documentation/index.html/_/tutorials/content/creating-the-default-demo-site-in-ipcontent-20-r448
  12. Sort of. My site is a blog of sorts that writes about a VERY wide variety of content, though there are quite a few things that have multiple articles written about them. It would be nice to allow a viewer to simply click on a tag and be presented with a list of similar articles that are also tagged with whatever term it is. I know I would get a LOT of use out of tags.
  13. Then Say For "Novice Users?"

    Have you posted in the IPC support forum for any help? Either way, you can shoot me a PM and I'll help you out. Blocks are actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it, and you don't really need knowledge of PHP... I don't have any. :)
  14. Elad Nava's Ajax Quick Reply mod does just that, though it's a paid mod. I love that modification and would love to see the things it does as default. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/306880-download-en30-ajax-fast-reply-v104/
  15. Category icons should be a default feature

    Wouldn't use it personally, but I can see how it'd be a feature that gets a lot of use. I'm sure if it was implemented it would be optional, so I'm all for it. :)