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  1. WildRAID added a post in a topic Hooks in the middle of posting process?   

    Ok, thanks for the answer. ^_^
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    Hooks in the middle of posting process?
    Is there any way to overload functions in classPostclassPostForms without direct code editing? Only with hooks.

    For example, I want to add an additional field like "Topic Description". It's expected to be processed with common fields and saved to database by extending the common "insertupdate topics". No additional queries.

    Is that possible to reload compilePostData? Or interfere between constructions like

    Seems "no", but i probably miss something important..


    Added later:

    Also, it seems that i cant process the additional field even with extra query. Because function saveForm in 'post' section doesnt return anything. It ends with silentRedirect or with error. So, u cannot add an 'action overload' hook after this. >_<
    $topic = array( 'title' => $this->_topicTitle, and $this->DB->insert( 'topics', $topic )
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