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    Very poorly documented and does not work from the 'front end' at all 
  2. IPB has adopted a policy of removing mods from the marketplace that are not 'supported' by the author. Even worse, and for no good reason that I can see, the support thread that went with the mod is also removed. Our community uses dozens of marketplace modifications some which are many years old and still serve us well. Even if the author is long retired the mod may still work well or at least provide a basis for further work. Why not leave mods on the market with a clear warning that they are not supported for certain or all versions? The support thread often contains valuable information about specific features, glitches, possible tweaks and known issues. What consideration has been given to the disadvantages of removing these threads versus those of leaving an 'unsupported' thread visible?
  3. (DP34) Convert Private Message to Topic

    regret buying this. Great idea but not sufficiently well executed    the mod really should - convert the whole conversation - respect secondary usergroups in permissions  - allow you to configure the text that is send to the author   (optional: list the people the PM was send to) 
  4. This one follows forums not topics, but thanks anyway for the suggestion.
  5. There are a lot of default settings in the ACP but auto-subscribe isn't one of them. Is it possible to add a new default setting for this one? I think vb has such an option.
  6. would be great to have you back

  7. IP.Subscriptions 1.1.0

    very urgently awaiting these fixes
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