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  1. o0 - hello 3.2

  2. Wiki for IPB

    VaultWiki is building a version compatible with IPB [ :
  3. I like it. I like it a lot [:

  4. migrated from vb to ipb, and lovin it - support is awesome btw [:

    1. bonesoul


      welcome abourt, i'm also an vb-convert..

    2. Invisiοnist
    3. Collin1000
  5. 3.1 sounds exciting

  6. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev News: Twitter Integration

    friggin sweet
  7. IP.Content 1.2.0 on its way

    <3 IPS listens to their customers ;)
  8. IP.Blog 2.1.0 Development Update

  9. i wish i was bulletproof...

    i'm gonna say it str8 out... community seo is soo friggin buggy.. and their support sucks.. really really really really really really badly.. sometimes i wished i was still with vb because vbseo was awesome, and so was their support and community.. now i'm just waiting for ips to finish furl'ing the rest of their apps, before i go live.
  10. It needs more integration!

    i spend alot of friggin money on ips and dev... so i'm just gonna spill it out.... why the heck isnt gallery and ip.downloads not integrated with forum attachments?
  11. forum versus blog

    i'm going to be practical... why should i use the blog... versus the forum??? sometimes i think i wasted money on this blog component...
  12. "Recent Status Updates" is not ajax?

    ajax status updates linked to either twitter or facebook would be awesome!
  13. Where's the Community Suite!

    can i but it from this link? looks like the purchase link for the community suite
  14. Where's the Community Suite!

    Really? I thought only blog, gallery, and the board encompassed the suite. If does, as well... awesome! ;) /me patientlly hits Shift+refresh on the purchase page.
  15. I noticed that the converter for the "vb.blogs -> ip.blogs" is going to be a separate cost -how much (and where is it at? will it be available somewhere on the "client-only" access part of the site?)? Also, where's the Community Suite Purchase link? Since ip.board 3.0 is $129.99 will the Suite be reduced as well? How about including ip.downloads in with your Suite, at a discounted savings; if not, can additional add-ons, such at ip.downloads, or others, be added for discounted savings? If nothing's been arranged for the Community Suite package yet, can I then just buy ip.board now, and then add the rest later, and still save on the yearly renewals? TIA