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  1. Notifications of new comments to my events

    I had the same problem, and agree with Sonya*, for me following an event == I want notifications of comments...thanks for clearing it up though!
  2. That would definitely be nice. if you don't mind paying, Ryan H. created Tags & Prefixes, which looks like it does everything you could possible want as far as tags and more.
  3. Still no way to easily create navigation tabs

    Again, that isn't the point. I can edit code, that's not hard. However, being able to create new tabs, and not only create the tabs, but set permissions, and give them children with a simple UI is very handy. I've saved a bunch of time already by being able to do the above with 5-10 clicks, instead of having to edit PHP and CSS files for each change - I don't have to worry about bugs in my code either. The setup I have now with FusionMenu works great and I'm perfectly happy with it, but I would expect the next major update IPS makes to include this feature.