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    Messed up character encoding in notification emails
    After upgrading the forum to 3.4.6, the notification emails have messed up accented characters. Note just the topic content is messed up, rest is ok:[code=nocode:0] 160R, Seda (http://forum.octaviaclub.cz/index.php?showuser=9059) právě odpověděl na téma, které jste chtěl sledovat jménem "Nová verzia fóra". ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Mě se líbilo to starý foróm :)) ale i tak jste si s tím asi dali dost práce a palec nahoru :palec: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Topic naleznete zde: http://forum.octaviaclub.cz/index.php?showtopic=&view=getnewpost Pokud jste ve vašem uživatelském panelu nastavili okamžité upozornění na odpověď, můžete dostat více e-mailů naráz. Jinak vám vždy přijde jen 1 zpráva od Vaší poslední návštevy tématu. --------- Pokud nechcete dostávat upozornění, můžete si je odhlásit ve Vašem uživatelském panelu kliknutím na odkaz "Spravovat sledovaná témata v záložce "Fóra". [/code]
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    I think there's absolutely no support and on each support ticket and absolute bloat reply is generated. Never ever in the history we're using IPB we received a relevant answer from supprt. Most of the time we received "your forum is too old and not supported anymore" and were forced to do the upgrade to latest. And now if we want to do the uprage again, support is with no help at all saying "Unfortunately we are unable to support test or development sites via the ticket support system. If this issue occurs on your live site we are happy to investigate further, however we're unable to assist you with this issue at this time."
    Great answer indeed, is there anybody else who's such a fool who will break down his live site trying upgrade from a very old IPB to the latest 3.4.6??