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  1. Google Mobile-Friendly IPB

    Thanks applied this on IPB 3.4.8 and it fixed the major problem of not being mobile friendly.
  2. You got me. I have a hard time comparing a forum site with declining visits only measuring in the thousands over a span of time versus a social media site with hundreds of millions of visits that are increasing in the same period. A better example would be if we collected all the forums on the internet and measured their popularity over the same period. My post reflects that interest in Invision as seen by participation in its own forums is waning over time. Not a good sign.
  3. OP raise a valid point with respect to the role of social media and the decline in forum discussion participation. It is a paradigm shift in social discourse. Let us compare Invision Power versus Facebook using Compete. Versus
  4. Login problems

    Not for me either. Had to use the "Lost Password" function to get a new password.
  5. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: A few more SEO tweaks

    Another issue that could be addressed is the over abundance of duplicate links to profiles and threads on the main forum page. This can cause SEO penalites for too many URL links per page especially for large forums. Examples of excessive links on main page: 1) the "By Forum Member" link 2) the forum members mini icon link 3) the "Yesterday, 9:36 PM" link Examples of excessive links on thread page 1) Two links to a profile per thread post (member name and member avatar). 2) One link to member mini icon on thread header So that is three links pointing to the same profile for just one post.
  6. Where are the large IPB 3.x + websites?

    Who made the Neowin skin? That has everything a large forum would need. I wonder if it was a custom project? I would love to know the folks who put it together.
  7. Trouble accessing today I used the website "" to check on access to the forums today and this is what I got.
  8. FURL

    Again, the discussion has nothing to due with rankings for content but spidering. I repeat, spidering, not rankings is the issue. The content that is spidered typically ranks in the top search results, that is not the issue. Not complaining about 'poor search performance', don't know where you got that. Since, I don't think you understood my point, the issue is spidering. Good quality content is useless if it is never seen because it does not get found by spiders. There are many IBP forums that have tens to hundreds of thousands of threads yet only a few thousands actually get spidered. Here is another fellow with the same issue. [url=" If you check this very forum on Google and enter in: It only returns, 33,500 results. Yet how many threads open to the public are available? I have said my piece, I brought up an issue; you are free to ignore it.
  9. FURL

    So, IPB now has thousands of boards who's top keywords are 'Topic' and 'Forum' which are irrelevant to the actual content of the forum.
  10. FURL

    As far SEO experts go, I would defer to Matt Cutts from Google when it comes to what they look for in URL structure.
  11. FURL

    It is not a problem with re indexing a forum if you lost 200,000+ threads with the adoption of the new URL structure and they never returned to Google search results. Claims that the threads would return to the search results never materialized. If customers want the option of changing the default URL structure, it should be not dismissed. According to Google Webmaster tools, for our one large forum the 5 most common keyword was "Topic". This means that "topic" is indexed similarly with thousands of other IBP owners boards. It does not help search nor user experience. It just takes up valuable URL real estate space. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Your Favorite Hosted Web Analytics Script?

    I like getclicky, it shows live visitors.
  13. Kier's new forum script: Xenforo

    Very true, especially since IPB has its origns in the cgi world of Ikonboard
  14. CleanCut Skin Beta

    The header of Clean Cut skin is messed up in Firefox 3.5.3 See screen capture of this forum.