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  1. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic Cannot control image count (or placement) in Pages databases because Uploads field AND Attachments field are both present   

    I would put the article on waiting to be approval than delete the extra stuff and approval it as a work around.
  2. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic IPB 4 - Nexus   

  3. ZakRhyno added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    I was going to renew my license with the upcoming release of the software but find out that the documentation is still not up dated with the release of 4.0. I was going to be using Commerce and Pages but with the learning problem I had with IP.Nexus and IP.Content. I'm holding off to there is more stuff posted. As you can see from the screen cap there is only one  for Pages but nothing else for any documentation.  Please don't replay with what would you like, as that is the common reply. How to's would be my reply, how to use it, explain the features functions on the back end. With a hard release and it being out now officially, will this documentation be release soon?

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  4. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic IP. Nexus 5.0?   

    True but is there a way to NOT register are be a member. If you go to some retails sites, Walmart, Target, etc. you don't have to be a member are sign up.
    Yes, but can it still do it without making an account. I have some users whom don't want an account.
  5. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic IP. Nexus 5.0?   

    I would think that the product wouldn't be up for renew and this option would be best to not allow to this. I hope they could at least answer the question to the may topic at IPS.
  6. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic Content / Pages or whatever documentation is terrible   

    Much of the docs are nin to none. I think this is very specific that items need to be added. @Charlie did say he be working on it and add more docs to the documentation but haven't seen much added.

  7. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic IP. Nexus 5.0?   

    I guess is there a way to give a the buyer an ID that don't require them to make an account? Like many other sites do? Like a one time thing. Are another way to offer stuff up for sale but don't ask them to create an account?
  8. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic Where should I be?   

    I would wait to upgrade as many users/IPB staff are still hammers out bugs. I think a good train of thought would be wait for it to go to the full public. Yes, it is currently out for people whom want it but it has things that are still being iron out and release are still being done every other week are so. When the front pages mostly says come check out IPB 4.0 and all x,y,z features that would be a good idea of when it is a good time to upgrade. Also, if you install 4.0 it will auto upgrade your pass version all the way to the current one you have download (which ever one that would be). You won't lose any date but you should understand that friends turn to followers and such. So look at the whole list features of it all and see what you like. You can still upgrade now, but this it just the issue of upgrading, upgrading and upgrading each time a new release comes out to fix major/minor bugs. So bottoms line it really depends on how you like to go. Other people may weight in on there thoughts but that just my view point.

  9. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic IP Nexus advertising   

    I guess whatever Nexus's supports, Paypal is one I know of but not sure about the others.
  10. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic Error Code List   

    ​Here we go, I found the posting now. @Mark There is a database tho.

  11. ZakRhyno added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Search Going Crazy
    I made a post a while back about Error Codes and was trying to look back for it. But when I try to search for it I get along list, okay good. I click on page 2 and get nothing is found, how is that possible when I have like 63,000 results to look at? Search is crazy!

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  12. ZakRhyno added a post in a topic Error Code List   

    It was said a while back (3 to 5 months) from a topic I open and ask about that it may be coming out. Now as of IPB 3.x.x, there was a code list for what every error code meant. @Mark From a clients point of view if you even if the message still it not clear. I would have to go make a post wait for an answer and than address the problem with the error code itself. Which could take a few days are less to get a reply even via ticket as well. With the publish list I can just look it up and if it is a fix I can address myself I correct it. Now knowing what the error code is saying to me. As it was done before and yield better customer issues why not put it back up for IPB 4.0?
  13. ZakRhyno added a comment on a file Tutorials   

    ​It pretty much what sort of been going on lately. So not much to backup than what happening on the forums and talks going about. Just calm down and relax a little bit. I'm not getting on you but just letting you know of what up. Best of luck!
    P.S. Best to ask for help in the support forms for Tutorial to get the update on things, these comment are more for reviews.
    P.P.S I still think Tutorial is still a great application!!
  14. ZakRhyno added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    IP. Nexus 5.0?
    How does the IP.Nexus 5.0 deal with digital products that people wish to buy but no have an account? Take for example I go to site "Coders" and than order a digital novel. The site allows me to pay and download it without having an account. Current from what I can tell IP.Nexus does not do this feature. People would have to have an account than put there information, pay than get the product. I know been to some sites that don't require one to have an account to by a product. Does, IP.Nexus address this some how?
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  15. ZakRhyno added a comment on a file Tutorials   

    ​IPB never really went gold yet. Gold is all come and get it. It just oh look one can buy it. Not EVERYBODY come get it.