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  1. Nexus 4 - Payment Methods - QoLI

    A global disable would be a featured here nothing more than to have to choose each item. Have it set up but turn off again OoLI.
  2. Quality of Life Improvement - QoLI I use a script in the old Nexus to allow to have auto open ticket run when a user buys a certain product. This setting below is something close to what I was looking for, but having the option to allow auto open ticket with a preset message would be a nice addon feature. This allow owners with this need to have it. As Nexus is use for selling different stuff online even digital it just fill another way that seller can interacted with their customer base and needs.  
  3. Nexus 4 - Payment Methods - QoLI

    I have test this out but deleted it some stuff you can't get back at all. Having a highlight of it being off are one is a good idea. Sometimes having it setup but disable is a good idea to have so that one don't have to keep deleting it and putting all the data back. Off|On setting more needed more.  
  4. Nexus 4 - Address Not Needed - QoLI

    I plan to keep this on track it seems the other one side rail.
  5. Quality of Life Improvement  (QoLI) It would be nice to have a setting that if your paying by a means that don't need a physical address to have the option to turn this off and move on. If the setting is not there than some users don't have to worry about it, also some people don't want to put it there. But of course this option should be allow to be the owner of the board. Some people want it some people don't. There was a talk about it someone where else but the option to allow it is something to at least be allow to be choose by the owners and such. For example I use Paypal and don't need are want my user to put their address in as I don't need them to. Some don't want to so hidden it will even work. If not turning it off maybe a option to allow to hide it like a collapse will even work and may be more simply(er) to code. But this post is not for the right are wrong for each Admin to have for taxes reason but to allow the option for the owner to choose.
  6. Quality of Life Improvement  (QoLI) It would be nice to have a way to see what it configure and turn on in each area. In the 3 series, there was a little green mark are green wording that told the user that this was a feature that enabled are not. This feature would be good to have next to the name are to the right are just to show what is off and on without going into it each Gateway and checking it.
  7. IP. Chat 4.0 - the proposed amendment

    The problem of them hosting the services. Why not just us host the services on our servers if we wish?
  8. Commerce Subscriptions need to be desperately simplified

    I agree with this a quick check out option and let the owner choose to record that data are not.
  9. Community Downloading Problems?

    Thank youi @Rhett
  10. I went to download the IPB 4 series package but gotten the error. I everything is fine as I'm downloading the IPB 3 series with no problems. I open up a ticket maybe it not just me.
  11. Fucntions of BBCode what other options are there? More than just list are such.
  12. Other than BBCode what are the options to make it?
  13. Ip Board Wiki?

    If you have this ability but limited to user group you want than your fine. You just have to think ahead.
  14. Ip Board Wiki?

      I already noted him/them they be in contact soon.
  15. Ip Board Wiki?