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  1. Docs and Copyright Field

    Thank you.
  2. Discouraging

    I just saw your reply to my other thread @Charles I'm by not means trying to kick up any dust I'm just trying to make a formal choice if to continue with IPB as my main software and pass the features questions the documentation has been the the biggest show stopper for me right now. I don't wish to be take hours and hours between IPB staff help tickets and trying to learn a piece of software and guess what this feature are buttons does, IP Content are Nexus. Pretty much react IPB 3.0 days and all, I want to upgrade know what I'm dealing with how to use it with some guide are help docs and more detail questions I open up ticket and ask. The problem with that is waiting for the ticket to be answer and moving forward when trying to learn the software. I hope this helps with what the concern I have been having and the question I been asking in concern in regards to documentation. Thank you for your time and reading this thread as well as replying.
  3. Discouraging

    My license has expired and I was asking some questions about some features and documentation that sales staff I would thought be able to answer. Not all feature specifically they may not be able to answer I give you that. But I was asking some questions about the products I would think the sales staffs should know as to help me to make sense if I should renew my license to be a full time client again. The biggest one being the documentation area, which has been a major factor as if I do upgrade as a non-client right now, I wanted to be well inform of how to use the new software.  Is not a valid customer service question that a sales rep would know? They are there to help sale the product and I'm not asking for anything unreasonable, I am? I'm trying to education my self on IPB's product and make a choice if buying the next version is worth it. The biggest hurled is the major change between versions and information on learning it not being available to the customer base from what I can see right now. @Ryan H.
  4. Discouraging

    Hello IPS, I been waiting watching and even posted on the pre-sales questions area but never gotten a replay. As I’m very happy to hear about IPB 4.1 coming out in October I went to see what new things will be coming down the road but never really found much of any new documentation on Pages and not one single article on Commerce. As this two application I would be using more heavy when I upgrade my old IPB, I feel disappointed in lack of communications from IPB staff members saying that stuff will be release in the Documentation area but, weeks later nothing. I’m not trying to bash IPB, but with all of this being said and nothing be doing; it feels like IPB 3.X.X problems all over again. There not much communication from the customer service to the forums and even in the Pre-Sales where customers are waiting to find out more information on questions they have as to give judgment if they want to buy IPB product. I have to wait a whole month to get a some feedback on a topic on a Pre-Sale question? My concern is why do I have to post this in a forums to get it answer, was this not the right way to go and ask this in Pre-Sales?  @Charles @Mark H  
  5. Docs and Copyright Field

    It been a whole month and I'm still waiting to hear from a IPS staff member to answer these questions as to see if I should green light to upgrade are not. Is this a way to address customers concerns?
  6. PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff

    @Ralf Herrmann There has been threads and many other request for more docs to come out, its been months and still nothing much has come to live in the docs area. There have been some yes, but the amount that is there is very limited. It is a little over do when even in IPB 3.x days the same things has been happen and nothing much has been done to correct the issue for 4.0. Look at Commerce a money maker for many people to do business and nothing is even out for it  
  7. Docs and Copyright Field

    Any word on an IPS staff please?
  8. Changes To Paypal --> Nexus Effected

    Thank you Rhett for clearing that up.
  9. Because this is a going ot be a big change to Nexus and it is still supported I think IPS should really chime in on this one. It dealing with money and well something that what Nexus was made and all. 
  10. Docs and Copyright Field

    Thanks man some feedback on it!
  11. Commerce

    Yes that is correct it was called Nexus.
  12. Docs and Copyright Field

    I'm very thrill about IPB 4.1, and it being release sometime soon. But I haven't seen much of an updates in IPS4 Documentation from June/July. I was told there were many articles waiting to be release and the amount of current content has increase from before, yes it looks like changes were done but not much increase overall. Will this be correct and/are add more content?My second question is in IPB 4.1 will there be a fix in the Copyright uploads when a user uploads like 50 pictures the owner will have to type in the same information in the Copyright field many time maybe auto insert user's name in to field if box is click are something, has this issue been address?
  13. It be best to log in under a support account to get more details on how it done, but yes it can be done.
  14. IPB 3.0 Docs?

    Would it be possible to relink the old documentation for IPB 3.X.X? As it be still supported I don't see why not allowing user to access the old information.
  15. Windows 10

    I stay with Windows 7 I enjoy it's interface and all the addon stuff they be putting in to "buy" new things. Not worth it.