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  1. Sections 4.X

    Will there be sub-sections for the each product like it was for IPB 3 series? I find it current a problem to find things for a product I'm looking at and not much in information in the forums when doing a search. If it was in sub-sections like it was it be much easy to see that is where I want to go and read up on what people are saying for that product are ask for help in that area as well.  
  2. @RhettWhy not make a status page to see how things are progress, like green is normal and yellow could be longer than wait times and red is like see you in a few days.
  3. Extra Pages Content

    I think you hit the nail on the head Openfire. I would agree with lack of guidance from IPS from the "noobs" to "experts" is big. I have a current open ticket with IP.Nexus 4.0 on this similar subject with being five months after release and even a full version upgrade 4.1 and nil to none of any guides/docs on the this software.
  4. Extra Pages Content

    I would even say as well IP. Nexus 4.0 as well.
  5. Extra Pages Content

    I didn't get an officially answer this is the best I got. All well here hoping they can put more focus on it later. But hope sooner is better than later.
  6. Check out the release notes.
  7. Extra Pages Content

    That would be helpfully.
  8. Learning To Code. IPB?

    I pretty much know HTML, a idea of CSS, but no PHP, MySQL and such.
  9. Learning To Code. IPB?

    I would like to ask the community what type of coding knowledge I would need to learn to help me understand how to read IPB code as well as make my own mods/applications? I can't really get a straight answer. Any input would be help greatly. Thanks/
  10. Converting back to IPB

    Converted back to IPB 3 and then upgrade the new system will do all the updates and such. Welcome Back! 
  11. Oh, Wiki

    In IPB there was a Wiki function in IP.Content, it was very basic and needed some love but that all we had. Now with IP.Pages (Content 4.0) was this taken out are does it support better ways to make a Wiki?
  12. Avatar/Profile Image Selection

    I think it be better to have your own area like a Avatar upload that is just for a user and not uploaded to gallery. Make it part of the core and not gallery.
  13. Donations in Commerce

    Why is that? Let say you want me to make a donation in Commerce via paypal, well I hate paypal and never sign up with them. As a customer why would you limited my choice to one type if some options would be better idea?
  14. Docs and Copyright Field

    Thank you.
  15. Discouraging

    I just saw your reply to my other thread @Charles I'm by not means trying to kick up any dust I'm just trying to make a formal choice if to continue with IPB as my main software and pass the features questions the documentation has been the the biggest show stopper for me right now. I don't wish to be take hours and hours between IPB staff help tickets and trying to learn a piece of software and guess what this feature are buttons does, IP Content are Nexus. Pretty much react IPB 3.0 days and all, I want to upgrade know what I'm dealing with how to use it with some guide are help docs and more detail questions I open up ticket and ask. The problem with that is waiting for the ticket to be answer and moving forward when trying to learn the software. I hope this helps with what the concern I have been having and the question I been asking in concern in regards to documentation. Thank you for your time and reading this thread as well as replying.