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  1. Pages: "index.php" - bring back Subdomain Support!

    Yes, the support always reply this in tickets, but i'm not at the same opinion.There are a lot of (support) topics on the board where @bfarber (e.g. here) and other IPS Team members told the customers/presales questions that this is a option (subdomain support).At this stage, a lot of customers use this feature and now this does not work anymore.The support told me that this posts are x years old. Yes, but i don't think this is a good way to answer a ticket and justify the missing feature which works years ago.
  2. Pages: "index.php" - bring back Subdomain Support!

    No, this fix you linked is not a fix for the subdomain "bug" (or support). This "fix" give us only the index.php back, but only with subfolder and not subdomain support.
  3. Since years, we could use the special "index.php" with IP.Content (Now Pages) to use the "Pages" e.g. on www.domain.tld and the forum/community on community.domain.tld - as the IPS team provides this opportunity since years on the support forums (e.g. here and here and a lot of places more) i think this is not a "hidden" feature and was not planned to be supported in the past (i started a ticket and this is the answer i read out of the replys).At this moment, we can not use the current index.php on a subdomain. IPS4 detects if the installation is done in the main/root folder or not. If you installed the community e.g. on community.domain.tld you can not activate the gateway setting in the acp (Pages -> Advanced Settings) because of the automatic detection ("Your IPS 4 suite is already installed at the root of your domain.").There are still support topics about this problem:So i hope there is a quick fix so we can still use the new index.php on a different Subdomain as the community. This still works fine (we could specify a path to the IPS4 install) but we can not activate the setting in the ACP (because the trouble i declared above). I think a "advanced setting" should give us the "power setting" to deactivate the autodetection so we still can use the index.php in a different subdomain as the IPS4 suite.
  4. I know you guys are very busy on fixing bugs on the IPS Suite 4 to become a Final stage.But just a quick question: Is there a problem with the "Legacy Upgrades" Department on your Support System in the Client Area?I'm waiting since Feb. 16 for the change of my licenses without any reply (after @Mark H forwarded my ticket to the department).Not a big deal (don't missunderstand), but for now i have time i would spend testing the IPS 4 Suite (upgrades for bug boards from customers etc).
  5. Still no "Only search in titles" option

    ​Okay. We do not miss this feature, so forget it...<ironyOFF>
  6. Still no "Only search in titles" option

    Still waiting and missed this a lot of times here. Cant find topics i looked for...Still don't know who comes to this stupid (sorry, not a personal thing) idea to remove this feature - and also not WHY...  
  7. Bildschirmfoto_2015-01-02_um_17.31.48.png

    From the album Bugs

  8. Bildschirmfoto_2015-01-02_um_17.34.16.png

    From the album Bugs

  9. IP.Blog attacking my mailbox

    Still get more then one mail for one notification.Get today 3x "Mark has posted a file, reCAPTCHA 2" mails (13:18, 13:20, 13:22 PM).
  10. IP.Blog attacking my mailbox

    ​Just a few examples (grrrrr, no uploadbox here / too little storage).Edit: