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  1. IP.Chat Completely Unreliable

    [#CSTART-0] ... It's kinda annoying since my users are paying themselves to use the chatroom and they can't get into it. Still, I paid myself to upgrade to the 20 live users package. That's bad.
  2. Undecided: IPB or vB

    Urghh, i can't stand the vB's interface!
  3. Thanks a lot. :)

  4. Your site looks awesome. Love what you've done with the categories on the main forum page.

  5. Evaluating IPB vs. vB for new site.

    Yup, I'm wondering that too. I'd like some answers. :)
  6. Hello, I think comments aren't good place to custom questions. :P Feel free to send me PM.

  7. Hello there. Willing to build me somekind of 'IP.Wiki'? I can pay and I'm sure other users are too.
    Thanks to consider this seriously!

  8. IPB Subscriptions

    You can create groups that have much more privileges and rights. Make your members pay to be part of these groups. The Subscriptions manager makes transactions easier. I'm using it on my board and I love it.
  9. IPB 3.1.0

    IPS is like Blizzard.
  10. Yeah, I'm getting this error, too. Sometimes. A quick refresh and it's all right.
  11. Hum... seems I need to remove MANUALLY the application. Please, tell me how! Someone?
  12. All right, I managed to remove it somehow. Now, when I click on 'Install', it takes me to the upgrade system and once I click on 'continue', it says everything is allready upgraded... The version I am using is 3.0.2. It is essential to use 3.0.4 to install the chat?
  13. IP.Chat help!

  14. IP.Chat help!

    I can't! There is a message 'Driver Error' everytime I try to remove it! Any other way?