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  1. Upgrade/Downgrade fee

    Our web store has some packages that are similar, and have the same price. But we'd like customers to be able to convert between those packages for a small fee. However with the current upgrade/downgrade system, the price to change between those packages would always be 0, since the original prices are the same. I would like to suggest a way to set a custom upgrade/downgrade fee for a package, to make situations like the one above possible.
  2. Record IP on tickets

    Nexus support tickets and replies should record the IP that submitted them. On our system, we have had many cases of an account being compromised, and the unauthorized person submits a support ticket under the hacked account, requesting changes to it to make it harder for the real owner to recover it. It can be very difficult to determine who is really behind these tickets, so knowing which IP they came from would be very useful to us.
  3. MODERATION TOOL: Swap order of selected posts

    It may simply be ordering them by the post ID. I have not checked that but it'd be my best guess.
  4. I think there is simply a Contact Us hook that Nexus installs. Try disabling it from the Hooks section :)
  5. Chargebacks & (Better) Paypal Transaction ID Support

    Agree with #1. We've actually written our own tool in the ACP for doing this, and having it native would be a big plus :) As for #2, I can't think of what Nexus could do specifically to manage chargebacks..
  6. "onChange" suggestion

    Oh my god, they fully implimented this for all functions in 1.5... I love you. That is all.
  7. Feedback On Mark Higgins

    Agreed. Our Nexus install is tied to gameservers with a lot of custom code and it wouldn't be where it is now if not for his help over the months :)
  8. Limit product sales per client

    +1 to that! We'd love to be able to do that easily for some products.
  9. Show purchases on Invoice view

    Currently, if you view the details of a purchase, it will show at the bottom all the invoices associated with that purchase, which is handy. However, it would make sense if when viewing an invoice, it listed/linked the purchases associated with that invoice. Here is a situation where it would be useful: "Member A" purchases a package from the store. A staff member then transfers the purchase record to "Member B". So now the invoice is on Member A's account, but the purchase on Member B's account. Later on, another staff needs to find out who originally paid for the purchase that Member B has, but there is no easy way to do that at all. Viewing the purchase details shows absolutely no link back to it's original invoice.
  10. "onChange" suggestion

    This is related to my topic here Right now, the custom actions "OnChange" function is this:public function onChange( $member, $oldPackage )[/CODE] However, there is no straightforward way to obtain the related purchase data from this.. (see topic above). It would be really great if onChange, and maybe other functions where it applies, to send the [color=#0000cd]$purchase[/color] data with it (the row from nexus_purchases) E.g.: [CODE]public function onChange( $member, $oldPackage, $purchase )
  11. Few suggestions

    This is coming in 3.3 :)
  12. +1 I always found it odd that the field with all the main product info is a small plain text field..
  13. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Miscellaneous Enhancements

    [quote name='MC CEO' timestamp='1325714503'] whelp there goes the log in as member app I will be maintaining it for users on 3.1/3.2, and may look into feature additions to make it still useful on 3.3 ;)
  14. Custom action enhancement

    Right now you can set custom actions to be run after a purchase is made, but it would be great to have a system available for running a custom function before it gets added to cart. My simple example situation is with custom fields. The user fills in the field and adds to cart. However I cannot check the text they entered before they proceed. If they typo the name, the automated process fails further down the line. So yea, the ability to run code after they enter the custom fields info, but before adding to cart would be great :)
  15. Nexus Encoded vs. Unencoded

    >.< never used it so didn't remember that one