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  1. MODERATION TOOL: Swap order of selected posts

    It may simply be ordering them by the post ID. I have not checked that but it'd be my best guess.
  2. Feedback On Mark Higgins

    Agreed. Our Nexus install is tied to gameservers with a lot of custom code and it wouldn't be where it is now if not for his help over the months :)
  3. Few suggestions

    This is coming in 3.3 :)
  4. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Miscellaneous Enhancements

    [quote name='MC CEO' timestamp='1325714503'] whelp there goes the log in as member app I will be maintaining it for users on 3.1/3.2, and may look into feature additions to make it still useful on 3.3 ;)
  5. Nexus Encoded vs. Unencoded

    >.< never used it so didn't remember that one
  6. Nexus Encoded vs. Unencoded

    Nexus is the only product encoded on both the hosted and full license. There is no way to obtain an unencoded nexus
  7. Antivirus

    I use Norton Internet Security on my computers, and I've found it to be very good in terms of resource usage and scanning speed. I've heard very bad things about their earlier version's resource usage, but version 2010 and up seem to have really stepped it up in light resource usage. Just a glance at my task manager right now shows the main AV process using a little less than 5k memory.
  8. Automatic phpDoc comments

    OK, got it working :D I noticed that sometimes it doesn't list a function I'm typing, even if that function exists. Once I have typed the name, it shows the information about it though. An example is "$this->registry->output->generatePagination". As I typed that, it didn't list it as a suggestion, but once I completed typing the name, it showed the info about it fine.
  9. Automatic phpDoc comments

    Thanks, I will have another go at it tomorrow :)
  10. Automatic phpDoc comments

    How do you get it to scan all the classes, methods, and functions for tooltips? I remember importing IPB as a project before, and all the files showed in the project browser. However the autocomplete of IPB classes in other files wasn't showing, only methods within the current file.
  11. Email option on member edit screen

    Yes, that's fine for sending a PM to the member, but there is no way to directly send an email to them :)
  12. On the "Editing member" screen in the ACP, I think it would be useful to have an option to directly email/PM the member from that page. I would find this useful if I needed to send the member an important message without leaving the ACP. Perhaps a "Send message" button on the top right of the ACP screen, that opens a popup to email/PM the member.
  13. Nexus and Downloads

    Nexus does handle the selling of physical items. It allows you to select whether a package is a physical item. It has features for pending order shipments and delivery addresses :)
  14. My first VPS

    Thanks, I will look into CSF now :)
  15. My first VPS

    Hi, I got an unmanaged VPS yesterday for a very good price. It runs on CentOS, and it has a control panel, FTP, Apache, MySQL, etc. pre-installed. Because I am responsible for the general security/maintenence of the server, I am wondering if there is any sort of a checklist that I should go through? I want to make the server as secure as possible, so any general tips/guidelines would be very appreciated :)