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  1. Trying to figure out customization in Nexus!

  2. IP.Nexus Timeline

    Then let's get that preorder rolling. Throw us a scrap of meat here. LOL We're hungry. Ha. Thanks Mark.
  3. IP.Nexus Timeline

    Hey Mark. Care to share what stage it's really at?
  4. IP.Nexus Timeline

    LOL.. Thanks! :thumbsup:
  5. IP.Nexus Timeline

    That wasn't right.. LOL When will we get this? ~Shawn
  6. IP.Nexus Timeline

    Awe Man! July 7th and not a beta in sight. I'm hoping it at least gets to beta soon. I have a huge need for this app at my site. :) ~Shawn
  7. IP.Nexus Timeline

    It's Tuesday.. No announcement.. :unsure:
  8. IP.Nexus Timeline

    LOL.. Wishful thinking! :whistle:
  9. IP.Nexus Timeline

    Mark you just became my favorite person on the planet. LOL. Keep up the good work. Shawn
  10. IP.Nexus Roadmap

    Can we look forward to beta this week maybe? :blink: :)
  11. IP.Nexus Roadmap

    Can't stop staring at those words...... Who will be able to test the beta's? ~Shawn
  12. IP.Nexus Roadmap

    LOL.. I completely understand. Just staring at the proverbial carrot makes my mouth water a bit! HAHA ~Shawn
  13. IP.Nexus Roadmap

    Any word on how the internal alpha testing went? I'd love to see the pre perchase out so I can buy!!! (w00t)
  14. IP.Nexus Dev Update: Donations

    Hurry up and release this already! HAHA *drooling*
  15. Custom Field options

    yep.. and this time I will listen .. HAHA. ~Shawn