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  1. First week with IPS4..

    I don't like 4x either, I think it looks dated and messy, aside from the performance issues. I do like some of the new features but feel they should have been used to perfect the 3x series, rather than a new version. I won't be upgrading any time soon.
  2. Client Lounge

    Missing for me too!
  3. Minimum password length - Too short?

    I asked for this ages ago as I think proper ACP password control should be included.
  4. Member Map

    Thanks for the 3.4.3 update Stoo :)   Everyone send Stoo2000 a donation to help keep his developments going for us!
  5. I thought I'd post this comment from one of my new members.... Keep it up IPS! :)
  6. Gallery 5.0.3 is Pitiful for Members

    The thing I hate is that when looking at an image in an album, there's no way of viewing the next one without scrolling down to the filmstrip! My members hardly use it as they just don't get it.
  7. Member Map

    Ace mod, works perfectly on 3.4.1   https://code.google.com/apis/console/   Go there for a v2  browser API   Thanks for this stoo :)
  8. Twice recently one of my boards has "lost" it's licence key somehow? I'm then forced to retrieve it from my client area here and re-input it into my ACP. But why the need for the BIG RED BANNER at the top of my ACP, like I'm some kind of thief?
  9. Ace mod, thanks very much! :)
  10. Portal

    Thanks Mike :)
  11. No they are part of IP board http://community.invisionpower.com/best-content/
  12. Same thing happens with "viewing most liked" or "highest rep posts", permissions are ignored.
  13. Strong password: between 3 and 32 characters

    I linked to a thread, not a post.
  14. Strong password: between 3 and 32 characters

    Asked for this ages ago but it was ignored.
  15. Aye we had loads of themed avatar images that we'd collected over the years it was a shame to lose them. Turning off Gravatar support in the ACP removes it from the members too. The default board icons shouldn't use them in the first place. Why have our boards connect to some remote server instead of using some tiny local files? Insane idea! :blink: