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  1. Community Downloading Problems?

    Is this the same cause as my site not accepting my license key? I got the red box of doom.
  2. I assume this is bug. The modification in the marketplace doesn't have this problem at all, whereas IPS's does. Edit: In fact; yes, the Author of the plugin as also said this (is a "really weird design choice") too:
  3. That looks like it should be possible with IP.Content/Pages. I don't know off the top of my head how this can be achieved, otherwise I kinda like this idea, but something as specific as the above? Would it not be better off as a modification, in the IPS Marketplace. I reckon anyone who will take this on will clearly have a market for it. I have to admit I'm a little intrigued to know more. Like could it be sorted by last active too? By this point would you want the order to be user controlled, if there all kinds of options?
  4. Forum Icon Accepted Extensions

    Here's a test/proof of concept I did by directly editing the icon filename in PHPMyAdmin for the forum. As an SVG it is responsive much like the rest of the site, not only that but its smaller filesizes (At least in my case) than PNGs. The PNG of this image is more than 15KB Whilst the SVG is less than 10KB This is using a skin Shift by @ehren. at full zoom level, in browser and in the top right is normal size with full screen and under it, resized small screen, all on the same resolution (1920x1080):   Where as using the default IPS theme, rendered somewhat comical effects, this is unzoomed, full screen at 1920x1080: ^--- Is that something that's considered a bug? The fact that a third party skin works where the Invision Default doesn't.
  5. Just a quick suggestion but when customising forum icons, I find that conventional images just do not do the job. Is it possible to allow "SVG" files to be uploaded to this field, (And if not can it be made possible?): A SVG file will remain crispy looking no matter what resolution or screen size it is, hence why I am asking. 
  6. PHP7 Compatibility

    Thank you for the clear message on this. So basically you can use it, but do so at your own risk sort of thing.
  7. Upgrade Now Front End Message

    As far as I am aware it's only visible to Administrators. See:  
  8. Sharing on Tumblr

    Mm. According to: You are indeed correct. My apologies. EDIT: If you go to System > Site Promotion > Sharing; can you not manually add it yourself? EDIT 2: No apparently, not.
  9. Sharing on Tumblr

    Whilst the difference isn't actually that much, your assertion can be disproven - Source:
  10. It's a good suggestion; but on mine it already comes with a domain:
  11. This is something I'm partly interested in too; because it does appear to show for staff - but not users. So it's definitely there, the users wouldn't need to view the details of the warning(s) just a brief overview if possible like the title of the infraction given or something.
  12. Page Load Progress Animation

    I love this this modification and I thank @Makoto for updating it for IPS 4. Once again they never fail and I am not disappointed at all. It's very useful to see when the page is communicating with the server, a visual indicator that there is something loading. I love that bouncing ball animation. xD 5/5 - Makoto has a new fan.
  13. Account Deactivation

    Brought the app. Got a message from Makoto thanking me, and offering help if I ran into problems. Me being me; I ran into problems which Makoto fixed (Monkey Error, as in a misconfiguration I made) the issue within minutes. Their support is top class and they're very friendly to boot. I actually feel like a valued customer.   I fully recommend this app to other people if you're looking at giving members more control over their account. Giving members the control to deactivate an account was a trick I felt IPS had missed, this is a very useful application and I couldn't be happier. $35 well spent in my honest opinion. Big thanks to Makoto! 
  14. Why does the Invision Power logo looks like a V? 10 years ago. xP I remember a modification on the marketplace for IPB2 or early IPB3 (Can't remember) that basically allowed certain usergroups access to email from the site, I can't for the life of me find it though. Edit: Yeah here it is - 
  15. Question I'd ask is how many of those 4,100 members actually converted to members that were active. Getting double the amount of members who fall inactive instantly is still nothing substantial.