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  1. Can we expect IPC 2.3.2 soon ?

    Ah, i'm not using block templates currently! P
  2. Another thread about the editor

    YES, please please please! P
  3. Please, please, PLEASE... Google Checkout!

    You got PM! If anyone else wants the gateway, hit me up... P
  4. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Referrals System

    WOOHOO! Sorry for not reading that properly. ;) P
  5. Authors cannot see their own unapproved articles

    I don't want them to be able to moderate tho, that's the whole point... P
  6. RSS feed update period, 24 hours? Too long!

    That would be perfect! :-) P
  7. Mobile skin?

    So which variable / technique are you using to detect the mobile skin? The things I tried in the page templates didn't work...?/
  8. Can we expect IPC 2.3.2 soon ?

    Wait, you can't put blocks in cache? Does that option not work then? I have all my blocks set to cache at 5 minutes...? P
  9. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Referrals System

    I hope we have the ability to referral deep link in 1.5... It's a bit frustrating the referrer links can only go to the forum root! P
  10. Mobile skin?

    A way to detect whether using the mobile skin in a page would be a useful start so we could at least define our own template differences... P
  11. Please, please, PLEASE... Google Checkout!

    Just to prove how relatively trivial it would be for you guys, I wrote a Google Checkout gateway for Nexus yesterday afternoon using the official Google APIs / libraries and it works great, i'm now running it on my site. This is a fully automated gateway, processing the callback XML payloads from Google etc... P
  12. Users without 'approve' rights can edit approved posts.

    Hmmm, I don't know, because we don't have any moderator-approval forums. If so, then that is broken too. ;) P
  13. Users without 'approve' rights can edit approved posts.

    It's not a good user experience for them to hit 'submit' on an article and it just 'disappear'! :) P
  14. List of sites / pages done using CCS

    Mine. :) P
  15. As above... Please, please, PLEASE consider integrating Google Checkout! Having started coding this myself I know this isn't a huge amount of work... Google Checkout has a very fully featured set of APIs. I had this working on a previous IP.Nexus in fact, but haven't updated it for 2.3.1 because a) your documentation on payment gateways is so awful and b) I'd love to see you guys do it! I would even be willing to pay a small additional charge for the gateway, so... pretty please? :) P