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  1. surinp3 added a comment [4.0.7] Popular Contributors month tab broken   

    There is a tiny spelling mistake in the code.
    I just copied the "year" href and changed the year-text to month in two places so I wouldn't have 2 year tabs..
  2. surinp3 added a comment Location default country   

    ​Please see image below.

  3. surinp3 added a comment Location default country   

    I am apparently in El Salvador.
    My language is set to swedish and I am located in Thailand.
    Dates work fine as they should, swedish format, but how can I be located in El Salvador?
    Could there not just be a setting for default location in the ACP?
    As all 100% of our members/guests are swedish regardless of where they are or which computer they use.
  4. surinp3 added a comment [4.0.7] Memcached error   

    No, got problems with it.
    Couldn't change language and get errors.
  5. surinp3 added a comment [4.0.7] Memcached error   

    Worked for me too.
  6. surinp3 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Cannot set default language for guests
    Am I missing something or is there no setting for this?
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  7. surinp3 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Disabling Ads from "Enabled" tab
    I have a few ads, some enabled - some not.
    But when clicking "Enabled" tab, to only show enabled ads, and then disabling an ad, the page returns to "All" tab.
    A bit annoying.
    Version 4.0.7
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  8. surinp3 added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Blocks on New Content
    I only see the top and bottom block positions on New Content page.
    Why not have block locations above and below the filters on the left on that page?
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  9. surinp3 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Searching translations
    When searching for something to translate in ACP and "All" is active, the second page resumes the search as if no keywords were inserted.
    I use Swedish as default language and English is still there.
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  10. surinp3 added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Updating Attachments storage URLs very slow
    Hi guys,
    I have now had the background process running for about 3 days.
    And only reached 61% for Updating Attachments storage URLs
    I do have 373.000 attachments, but should it be this slow?
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  11. surinp3 added a comment Calendar map bug   

    Locale Swedish
    I do have a few other weird bug and maybe there is something "odd" with my installation.
    Might try a reinstall.
  12. surinp3 added a comment A few calendar bugs   

    Set locale to Svenska also tried to set to sv_SE.utf8, but still see AM/PM.
    Are the any other places where locale has to be set apart from the Language section?
  13. surinp3 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Calendar map bug
    When clicking the calendar, the URL is long and lat with commas.
    Resulting in place not found.
    Think the commas should be dots.
    See bottom left corner of URL on image. 14,xxxx and 103,xxxx should be 14.xxxx and 103.xxxx

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  14. surinp3 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    A few calendar bugs
    The date format is a bit off.
    We are using swedish and AM and PM is not valid for us.
    Should be 24h clock.
    Also the "Summary" doesn´t update the date.

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  15. surinp3 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    ckEditor Plugin requires html posting
    I tried to install a Youtube plugin (IPB4 - 5a) which was successful and done with ease.
    But when inserting Youtube URL, it shows a blank post.
    Giving me (Administrator) html posting abilities, the youtube shows after posting the youtube URL again in new post.
    So the question is, how to make this work as I do not wish to give all members the option to post html.
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