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  1. Or use the same system as the sidebar reputation widget/block.Based on week, month, year and total.
  2. Autosave settings

    Reading in another topic about the Autosave feature for the editor, I though a topic (as suggested) would be good.Source: my opinion, there should be at least on/off settings available on member level and ACP settings for defaults.Any other ideas?
  3. Add ability to use FA Icons as forum icon

    Works for me. Big thanks...
  4. As it is now, we can only upload forum icons, but why not have the ability to add font awesome icon by text line only?
  5. Blocks on New Content

    I only see the top and bottom block positions on New Content page.Why not have block locations above and below the filters on the left on that page?
  6. Hi guys,I have now had the background process running for about 3 days.And only reached 61% for Updating Attachments storage URLsI do have 373.000 attachments, but should it be this slow?Using
  7. I got the same error when trying to download files from ACP.Download was only 4,6 MbWhen downloading from Client Area (under Purchases), 12+ Mb, and it all worked as it was supposed to.
  8. Where are the large IPB 3.x + websites?

    Here is another "big" one.
  9. With a few minutes of work, this can be achieved. I cut the whole "best answer" code from topicViewTemplate (System > Look & Feel > Manage Templates > Topic View > topicViewTemplate) and pasted it inside the post template (System > Look & Feel > Manage Templates > Topic View > post) and inside the adCode below my advert under the first post. Below first if statement or above closing if statement in the adcode, is up to you Note that you need an active ad under the first post to see the best answer when doing like this.
  10. Q&A in 3.4 feedback

    Has anyone got a solution for this? A hook perhaps?
  11. Ad-Block Issues With Ads

    The licenses are relatively cheap. For me it´s the server that costs. And you are right, of course I could afford it. But I wouldn´t work as hard as I do on the site, if I wasn´t paid for my time. And that means: Bad for the site, bad for me and bad for the website visitors.
  12. Ad-Block Issues With Ads

    I would love to run our site without ads, but unfortunately it is not possible. Simply couldn´t afford it, nor would I spend as much time to improve it, as I have done, if I wasn´t paid for my time. I am sure many others say the same thing. So to me an adblocker is only a thing of evil. Much more so than any ads. What would happen to the web, if everyone used an adblocker?
  13. Ad-Block Issues With Ads

    I tested with manually replacing the class "nexusad" with a random class and the adblocker did let it through. This was a banner image, not Adsense. But still worth doing if you have many other advertisers or affiliate banners. But since there is no easy way for me to alter the class in the source files in Nexus, I cannot test futher. Maybe there should be a way to set the class manually...? PS. I also set the class on the first body-tag to "nexusad" and the whole forum dissapeared when using an adblocker. :D
  14. Problem now sorted. -------------------------------------- You are (slightly) missing my point. I have all active licenses for all the IP products I use. IP Board, Gallery, Content, Nexus and so on. No worries there. What I am talking about are applications and hooks, downloaded from the Marketplace. I now understand that some files/apps/hooks can only be downloaded during the time set by the author of an app or hook and when that time expires, you can no longer download the same file again unless you purchase a renewal of the product. I suppose it is easier that way, than to separate the download itself from the support you get. But like I said, problem solved... :)
  15. Will try that if I don´t get it sorted. :)