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  1. Rhett added a post in a topic IP. Nexus   

    Here you go

  2. Rhett added a post in a topic I'm no longer a client?   

    If anyone needs clarification on a license on your account, please file a support ticket in customer service and we can address any specific questions or concerns you may have.
    These types of questions and concerns are best addressed in this manner to avoid confusion and assumptions.
  3. Rhett added a comment Payment Gateway for Nexus   

    Changed Finished to Yes
  4. Rhett added a post in a topic IPS neglecting customer   

    We are in no way neglecting you, I'm not sure where you are sending emails too? however there are no support tickets on your account, for help with our software or any account questions, please use our official support ticket system here and we can assist you https://www.invisionpower.com/clients
  5. Rhett added a post in a topic Password reset   

    Glad you got it!  Thank you
  6. Rhett added a post in a topic Password reset   

    They are the same, so you should be ok now, try logging out and back in and you should be set.
  7. Rhett added a post in a topic Password reset   

    They are not being rejected from what I can see, I would check your spam box or email filters, perhaps white list @invisionpower.com to ensure you are not blocking these at a mail server level.  Or you can request the email be updated to another email that works better in your existing ticket. 
  8. Rhett added a post in a topic Password reset   

    Are you trying the password reset here? https://www.invisionpower.com/clients/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=lostpass
  9. Rhett added a post in a topic Staff reply   

    I'm very sorry for the delays here, I have updated your ticket for you now with some more info as well. 
    Thank you
  10. Rhett added a post in a topic How to upgrade from 3.4.7 to 4.0 RC?   

    That would only apply in some cases as it's dependent on your specific hosting setup. Not all hosts will support a user.ini file though. 
    To work around this on an IPS level, you can add the following to your conf_global.php file though.
    ini_set( 'memory_limit', '128M' ); 
  11. Rhett added a post in a topic IPB server requirements [CPU, RAM]   

    There are a lot of variables here, a lot of the answers would vary based on your community, which apps you are using, if you are using any third party add ons, what type of traffic and users you have etc.. I could go on and on really.  The setup and configuration also plays a big part of this, for example if you select to use innodb, it can use much more memory than myisam, so therefore you would need more memory to allocate to mysql. Same with web servers, depending on what you are going to be running, memory and processing resources can vary.
    If this is a new community, I would recommend that you start out in our community in the cloud, this will allow you to focus on your community, and not worry about server and hosting configuration.  Once things settle in, if needed, you can explore your options at that time.
    If you are set on a self hosted solution, and you expect your community to grow, start with a larger VPS or a smaller dedicated machine, and go from there. A good systems admin can tune a wide variety of servers and specs to run properly, room for growth and peaks would vary depending on your available resources though. 
  12. Rhett added a post in a topic Slow Load Speed   

    Hello, thanks for the clarification, however in testing actually performance (not a test site tool) differences there is no difference, you are only improving the results on the testing tool and not a real performance improvement.  So for those that want to see a higher test score, I guess this helps, however in real world usage, loading a cookie or not is not going to improve anything from what I'm seeing here. So from what I can see so far, this does nothing more than report a better score. 
  13. Rhett added a post in a topic Slow Load Speed   

    It seems all you are doing here is tricking the testing tool, it shouldn't make any performance difference by changing the sub/domain used here if they are being served from the same server in the same location. So actual performance here would be identical, but the test tool you are using seems to rate this higher, real world performance would be no change. Can you clarify? 
  14. Rhett added a post in a topic Testing other themes? Marketplace does like my login.   

    Hello, I'm sorry for the trouble, however marketplace downloads are only available for customers. (license owners) 
    Thank you