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  1. Price changes to Cloud service

    There are no price increases in the near future for our community in the cloud packages, what you see here is are current price list and availability.  https://www.invisionpower.com/buy   If you have any further questions we can also help you via a support ticket too. We provide free transfers of IPS Communities to our hosting as well. Purchase a hosted package, submit a transfer request ticket and leave all the work to us!        
  2. vb5 cloud to IPB4

    After you purchase, file a ticket in cloud support, we will remove the IPS4 version, install 3.4.8 for you, at that point you run the conversion as noted in the guide, then once it's completed and you are happy with the conversion, we will then upgrade you to IPS4.      Welcome to IPS! 
  3. Emergency ticket on weekend

    Emergency hosting tickets are handled right away in most cases, in this case it was due to you going over your quote, and the system couldn't write files as it exceeded it's quota.   This was resolved however, I would suggest some deep breathes next time perhaps though, it's a website, not a pacemaker or heart transplant, nobody is going to die while it's being investigated.   Contrary to the above post, you will not wait 13 days for a critical ticket, critical means your site is down or offline, and not usable.  Lab Rats Rule if you are still having issues, please file a ticket, as we mentioned in your other ticket however, we also use suphp, and do not have your issues, your issues were specific to your hosting configuration, a standard suphp setup wouldn't be affected as your site was. That was resolved long ago however, if not please let us know by submitting a support ticket if needed. Thank you      
  4. If you don't pay the invoice for a hosted community then your site is suspended until you do, or 30 days has passed, after 30 days, the site is terminated from the servers. We can restore after it's been terminated, however it would require us to restore this from our archives and there would be a small fee for this in most cases.. We try to keep archives for 30-90 days and in some cases longer, archive copies are not guaranteed to be available, however most times they are.     
  5. Mobile Theme disabled by user?

    Right, there is one theme, with different elements that adapt to three different screen sizes, mobile, tablet, and desktop. 
  6. Yes, it needs some work on mobile for this currently. 
  7. Changes To Paypal --> Nexus Effected

    No, this is an update on paypal's end, it has nothing to do with ours. To be honest I'm not sure why they worded it the way they did, as it makes it sound like it will be an issue, all they are doing is upgrading their servers to the current standard of  SHA-256 SSL Certs from the very old standard of SHA1
  8. Migration from vb 3.8.7 to IPB4

    We will have a converter for 4.0 out soon, currently though you would need to convert to  our version of 3.4.8, then upgrade to 4.0 though. 
  9. You must have a license to do so.  
  10. Didn't know where else to put this

    Glad to help, and thank you for your business!   
  11. The 100 offer expired in March 2015, that is no longer offered, however we can still upgrade to the standard license at this time. I can't promise how long the free upgrade will last, but currently it's still an option.There is nothing special for a developer at this time, most developers develop and test apps locally prior to uploading to the marketplace.   
  12. For info, we still offer free upgrades to a standard license, for anyone with an older type license, please file a ticket in customer service and we can upgrade this for no charge for you!     
  13. IP. Nexus

    Here you go https://www.invisionpower.com/buy/self-hosted  
  14. I'm no longer a client?

    If anyone needs clarification on a license on your account, please file a support ticket in customer service and we can address any specific questions or concerns you may have.These types of questions and concerns are best addressed in this manner to avoid confusion and assumptions.   
  15. IPS neglecting customer

    We are in no way neglecting you, I'm not sure where you are sending emails too? however there are no support tickets on your account, for help with our software or any account questions, please use our official support ticket system here and we can assist you https://www.invisionpower.com/clients