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  1. Community Downloading Problems?

    That's not related to this issue, please start a new topic or submit a ticket, best guess is you didn't upload the files to the proper location though. 
  2. Community Downloading Problems?

    Hello, this issue has been corrected, in your admincp live search (top right box) please type in "license" then pull up the license key page, then select "replace license key" and enter your license key, this will resolve this issue.         Thank you again and I'm sorry for the trouble here, have a great weekend.
  3. Community Downloading Problems?

    Yes it's the same issue.
  4. Community Downloading Problems?

    No ETA at this time, I'll post back here once it's resolved though.
  5. We provide free transfers to our hosting, so we can move the site and upgrade it to IPS4 at the same time   Just submit a ticket in cloud support and we will get you taken care of      
  6. Community Downloading Problems?

    We're working on this as I type this and it should be resolved soon, sorry for the trouble.
  7. A way to ban certain guests by ip!

    Use htaccess to ban the IP 
  8. My email adress are banned from IPS sites

    This can often happen if you are registering/testing multiple accounts, when doing so, you should disable the IPS spam service if needed.  Please submit a ticket to customer service under your licensed account and we can look into this for you.   Thank you  
  9. Do Embeds Stop When License Expires?

    No this isn't tied to the license at all. 
  10. Youtube media tag

    Admincp > settings > posting > see below.    
  11. Full SSL

    You have to run the site under one url, you can use https or http but you can't have both I'm afraid. So in this case you can't give them the option and it's something you would set the site up as you see fit.
  12. Payment Pending

    We review all orders to protect both you and us from fraudulent transactions. This means that there is sometimes a delay in processing your order (up to one business day) however during business hours expect a one hour activation time. Feel free to contact customer support for order status.
  13. Cloud Hosting with FTP?

    I'm afraid we don't allow any third party files for game servers and such on our Cloud hosting. 
  14. It takes the installer about 20-30 minutes in most cases to complete, sometimes it may be a bit longer if there is high volume.  On the domain, I just applied this now as well.