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  1. IP.Content External Widgets

    Sorry, I thought my question belonged here because I am debating whether to renew it or not. I guess this is for "new" customers. I'll ask in the new section from now on thanks.
  2. Hello, as specified on this link :http://community.inv...ternal-widgets/ I am trying to place external widgets onto my wordpress site. But when I click on the "Get block widget code" button, there is no javascript. How would I go about placing IP.Content widgets onto an external site? Thank you.
  3. Hi, Is it possible to set usergroups to be able to "View Revisions" without being a super-moderator? I'm trying to figure out if you can set a usergroup to "View Revisions" for articles but not being able to moderate the forums. Thanks.
  4. +1. By having this feature, mods and admins could actually "review" the reports because of access to all edited posts. Let's have this feature in IPS!
  5. Need more Ad placement control:

    Bump again! I also agree with this feature being added :)