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    The beta version has been out for a little while & is in the marketplace.  
  2. Not really. My browser was set to UK.  I am in the UK.  Therefore it would be reasonable to assume that the software would detect UK.  Perhaps it should be based on IP like many sites are, or give control to the site owner. After all not everyone would even change their browser spell check to the UK.  To date I have not experienced any other site give me not only the USA but also a state as default.  Anyway solved for me, but if you look at the support forum here you will see several people with the same issue.  Even support said it was not possible to set the UK, they didn't indicate that it was supposed to be automatic. All they said was they had many tickets complaining.  All sorted now. 
  3. I guess other sites just handle it better.
  4. Not sure how other sites do it - only ever had the problem in IPB4. Of course if we could just select the default rather than leave it to a browser then happy days! Should really go with the language/currency settings.
  5. You are wrong! So don't assume. The language in IPB is set to UK Chrome is set to default of English UK However English USA was still in Chrome. IPB is/was picking up the USA language file in Chrome, nothing to do with the settings in IPB or indeed the country of the user or even the default language. We should not have to tell people to delete the USA language file from Chrome to make IPB work
  6. Perfect!   Thank you so much. Mystery solved.
  7. Primary language set to UK
  8. That is showing In Chrome:   en-US,en;q=0.8,en-GB;q=0.6 In IE & Edge:      en-GB,en;q=0.5 In Firefox:   en-US,en;q=0.5 Which might be the issue if Chrome is showing both - which seems odd.
  9. Although even if it was it doesn't explain why en-gb should give different results on different browsers.
  10. Good point en-gb Baffled as to why it is not working. Did some more testing. In Chrome it shows me as en-gb and shows United States in the form In Firefox it shows me as en-us and shows United States in the form In IE it shows me as en-gb and shows United Kingdom in the form!   In Edge it shows me as en-gb and shows United Kingdom in the form!   So no idea why it should work in IE & Edge, but not in Firefox or Chrome. Am on BT so shouldn't be an issue.  
  11. I opened a bug, but Brandon said that it is set to en_uk but that is wrong, so a bit confused. I see the same issue on other ipb installations so know it is not just mine.  My browser is setting my location as en_gb 
  12. EN_GB - didn't realise it was supposed to be automatic.  
  13. Calendar & store for example I have language set to UK.  Not aware of any other setting.    
  14. Not sure why all the forms all default to the USA with no way to change the default. Please can we have the option to select another country / not have Alabama appear when the country is changed.    
  15. Global sidebars

    Was quite surprised this was not included.