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  1. Member Map

    Always amazes me how people can criticise a developer for a free product. One sure fire way for it to not be developed is to be rude. I know for a fact that Stuart is very busy and only has one pair of hands. 
  2. Possible with an edit on 3.x - can't see why it should not be possible on 4.xi do it as default on 3.x
  3. What phone do you use?

    Of course this topic should be Which rather than What
  4. What phone do you use?

    I am amazed that people are still using Apple phones  
  5. What phone do you use?

    LG G3 - the 3GB Ram / 32GB storage version
  6. Of desktop users 1024 x 768 is still used by 30% of our visitors, although the vast majority of these are using Macs, so maybe it is an Apple thing.We still design to 1024 x 768 maybe we should forget mac users
  7. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    You might want to add this to the news forum?
  8. Using IP Content without a page name?

    Just as a pointer regarding this. make sure you type index.html and do not let your browser auto fill the name, otherwise the tick box will not show.
  9. Reactivate license

    Hello, As long as it is released during the time that you have a activated licence, then yes you will be able to download and run IPS4. You will also have access to the beta versions.
  10. The New Account Security question

    Would be nice if these changes could be rolled into Nexus / core including the possible over-ride of emails being sent, although one would think this might be in conflict with any privacy statement or agreement, so they might need updating. We would not really benefit, but I am sure some sites would. Also maybe it would be a good time to introduce a strength factor on passwords - currently IPB allows the most basic of passwords including ones for admins. Would be nice for admins to be able to say that passwords must be stronger, with perhaps a level for staff that was a level higher.
  11. Hi, Just tried to log in here via the mobile skin and just got a generic error saying something had gone wrong. I am still logged in on the desktop fine. Just mentioning it here as it might be related to the security changes. Not tried logging in to client area on mobile.
  12. The New Account Security question

    Can we have some more relevant questions please. if you are an only child and not American and do not drive it does rather rule out most of the questions, and who knows what time they were born LOL Maybe it is something that is known over there, but I must have forgotten to post to facebook at the time to mention it ;) It means having to make up answers, which will be easily forgotten, Why not have father's middle name, mothers middle name, partners middle name, name of first school etc.
  13. If you use the licence on your hosted site, then you can have un-encrypted software That might be a benefit to you or not.