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  1. This I agree with 100%. Just an option to buy it or even a package to buy all of the non included features. We should have the option to have all of the features available to us without being forced to give up out licenses.
  2. I'm a lifetime license holder. I really don't see the issue to be honest. When we bought the license there was nothing that accessed their servers. IE spam monitoring, visual editor, etc... While it would certainly be nice to have these features, there's really no way we could expect them to offer us services that require their servers. So far we haven't been blocked from or asked to pay for anything that is necessary to run the latest software. Just MO.
  3. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

    I'm pretty happy with it as well. I like the new mail layout and i really like launchpad.
  4. Where is the notification setting in 1.1?
  5. IceLabz Sitemap Vs. IP.SEO

    I can't get the IP SEO sitemaps to work at all. The icelabz sitemaps generate, but I've always got some sort of error with google, but at least there are link being generated.
  6. IceLabz Sitemap Vs. IP.SEO

    i'm back on icelabz as well.
  7. IceLabz Sitemap Vs. IP.SEO

    I removed icelabz cleanly, just do the uninstall and delete the files you uploaded. icelabz sitemap hasn't been working for me for a while so it was a no brainer switch for me.
  8. Best idea ever.

    yea really, this is a huge thing to have a forum software developer even looking at. Very cool!
  9. Black Ops

    My question was how many players do you really need online.... You seemed to be indicating in your previous post that there weren't enough players for you. I find it hard to believe that you play with all 3 million players in a night. I also find it hard to believe that you play with all 700,000 players and end up bored with them at the end of evening........
  10. What's the Marketplace?

    I see it replaces the resources. Is this going to be a paid application in the future? I like it, it's very App Store esq. LOL
  11. What's the Marketplace?

    I just noticed it.
  12. Black Ops

    There's like 700,000+ people online on COD black ops on the PS3 right now, how many more people do you need online LOL I had an xbox 360, after the 3rd one broke i bought the ps3 and never looked back. We use it for everything dvd bluray player, netflix movies, you name it.
  13. Black Ops

    I like the way this game plays, I like the options for multiplayer game modes, etc... but the graphics and maps are horrible.
  14. I am selling both virtual and physical products. IE, since subscriptions is now combined, I sell support packages and I sell physical goods I have to ship. Anyhow I need the option to have a minimum order on physical goods, but not on virtual goods. example, to ship I need people to buy at least $10, however my lowest priced support package is a $1.00 monthly subscription. Make any sense?
  15. IP.Gallery 4.0 - Uploading