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  1. Flitterkill added a post in a topic Font Awesome 4.4   

    If IPS was using a public CDN for these then we would probably be getting the updated version immediately/automatically but they are actually embedded in the suite (applications-core-interface-font) so they need to insert them into the suite download themselves.
  2. Flitterkill added a post in a topic Font Awesome 4.4   

    @Lindy Do you guys have a plan on regular updates to this? I imagine you would just roll in the new version as it becomes available but I (others?) wouldn't mind seeing a note in the Release Notes sections on when this occurs.
    @kar3n2 All the icons you see in the IPS suite are not images but are actually from a font file -FontAwesome - that is included with IPS. See that tiny heart in the like this badge in the bottom right of every post here? The heart is a FontAwesome icon. Same with the bell and envelope icons you see up top in the user bar. The advantage is that they are scale-able vector fonts and not static pixel images. That means they can be scaled up and down in size without a loss in quality.  
    In theme templates the code to insert an icon is <i class='fa fa-whatever'></i> where you replace the whatever with the name of the actual icon you want.  This stuff isn't natively available when just making or replying to a post though. 
    icomoon also ships with IPS though I haven't stumbled across where it gets used though... https://icomoon.io/#icons
  3. Flitterkill added a post in a topic Please bring back ability to add/view status comments from index   

    I've said this before a few times so I've got no problems saying it again
    The status widget of the 3.4 series was a defacto site-specific Twitter implementation. And it was (and is) fantastic. A better/different Shoutbox. Great for stuff worth saying but nothing worth a full-on forum post.
    The key was the ability to respond to the statuses in the widget. Honestly, this should be in the upcoming features list and in-line right next to search for getting done.
  4. Flitterkill added a post in a topic IPS said they don't support rooted Android   

    Same for tablets? I have a rooted Samsung I could give a whirl if you post a link.
  5. Flitterkill added a file in Look and Feel   

    Improved New Version Announcement v1.0.0
    Quick and dirty improvement of the default IPS new version announcement that gets parked in the ACP dashboard. This is just something to tie us over until IPS reconfigures the new version announcement so as to not be full text all-the-time. I recommend a tightly-formatted auto-added side widget but that's just me...
    Smaller text but capitalized throughout. IPS logo in front. The most recent new version available is now indicated.Click anywhere on that text to display the full text announcement. If you have skipped a version or two those announcements are displayed as well. Click anywhere in the announcement text to hide again. 
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  6. Flitterkill added a file in Look and Feel   

    Change the Number of Rows Displayed v1.0.0
    Do you hate the number 25?
    Do you hate even more that you can't change the number of forum topics displayed when viewing a forum?
    Well here you go!
    This plugin has two options. It will let you change the number of forum topics displayed when viewing a forum and it will let you set the number of files displayed when viewing an IPS.Downloads category listing. 
    If there are other apps you would like to see hooked onto besides Forums and Downloads let me know. Those two seemed the most in need of this setting.
    Feel free to toss some stars on this!


    The default set by IPS is 25. I've tested plenty of times less than 25. Not so much more than 25. This is just a warning that setting this to some insanely high number might (???) break things what with the Ajax loading who knows what else is going on. If someone wants to give this a run with 50 per page or some such number I'd love a note back so I can confirm how high we can go before (if) anything breaks.
    When table data is grabbed and is destined to be displayed as table/tabular data such as when you are viewing the list of topics in a forum or the files available in a downloads category, a single method is called to handle this for the entire suite minus an exception or two (I know the Pages application seems to use something else as a setting exists there to handle this). This means no matter the section in the suite, if some table data is being grabbed and displayed in a row-like fashion, it hits this method and the rows-per-page variable is hard coded at 25. I fully expect IPS to add specific app settings for this back in eventually but for now you can use this. I would just let you set the number once but this method touches a lot of places, even in the ACP, so I felt it best to just lock it down on an app to app basis.
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  7. Flitterkill added a post in a topic Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor   

    This was discussed back in Fall 2014 on the Alpha site. I for the life of me can't recall why it was stated iframe was the choice over div, I do remember people being a little bit perplexed by it though. There had to have been a reason...right?
  8. Flitterkill added a file in Look and Feel   

    SuperScroll v1.0.1
    Awesome page scrolling, custom scrollbars!
    SuperScroll is an IPS 4 plugin that changes the default scrolling behavior when browsing IPS 4 webpages. With SuperScroll you can can control the speed and feel of how all IPS webpages move (with easing) and change the look and feel of the browser scrollbar. SuperScroll is based on Nicescroll, a jQuery plugin. 

     Page Movement:SuperScroll attaches to the entire HTML element and binds to mousewheel, up/down keys, and the spacebar. All IPS webpages will now scroll smoothly with the settings you specify, easing to a stop after the input has ended. Any additional interior elements (such as editor boxes, etc) that have scrollbars will NOT be affected and will behave as usual. You control the speed and the distance!

    Custom Scrollbars:
    When using SuperScroll the browser's native scrollbar is replaced with two divs - one used as the background rail, the other for the cursor that travels up and down overtop the rail. These divs collectively float over top of your page content. The screenshot provided shows a few quick examples but it really is up to you how this looks. You can customize nearly everything for both divs!
    Such as? Add a fixed background to the rail with a branding/theme element from your community. Maybe cut a sponsorship deal and stick a static ad as the background for the rail. Change the cursor to a circle. Set both the cursor and the rail to transparent - still grabbable but no one will ever see the scrollbars on your pages again! How about an image as the cursor? Animated? Why not!


    Page Movement: Distance each wheel notch/key click will move the page in pixels. Speed of that movement. 
    Entire Scrollbar: Auto fade out on/off, fade out delay time, opacity of the entire scrollbar on full-fade, opacity of the entire scrollbar when fully visible. Z-index number to ensure the scrollbar never gets hidden by other page elements, move the scrollbar from the right side to the left side of the page.
    Scrollbar Cursor: Width, Color, Radius (to round the edges or make a completely round cursor), Minimum cursor height, fixed cursor height, top and bottom buffers, CSS borders, right padding to nudge the cursor away from the edge of the page. Transparency with the RGBA toggle. Set an image as the cursor!
    Scrollbar Rail: Width, color, full control of CSS background call (including transparency and image).
    Allowed Use:
    Single public site and all of your development instances (hosted or localhost). Have another site? Get another under that account please.
    Price and renewals:
    8 now, 3 for yearly renewals. Honestly though, the renewal fee is mainly to protect me if the plugin needs to get completely rewritten due to IPS changes. As it is now, the thing is pretty much future-proof so you can probably ignore the renewal invoices when they arrive. Unless you want to shower me with beer money. Please do!

    Future Features:
    Check out the support topic for more information. Short version is rail positioning, ease speed, better CSS handling, bumper effect, and drag/drop background image handling. For some of this it's complicated...
    Hit the support topic for some pointers on some standard settings as well!
    Check out my other IPS work:

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  9. Flitterkill added a file in Look and Feel   

    Like This Icon Changer v1.0.0
    Like This Icon Changer
    Does the heart icon bother you on the "like this" button? Do you really want it to be a thumbs-up instead? How about a rocket? If it is a FontAwesome icon you can make it happen!
    How to use:
    Install the plugin like all other plugins. From the plugin page, hit the edit button and enter the full FontAwesome icon name of the icon you want to use. You can see all 500+ FontAwesome icons and their names here: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/
    IPS is currently shipping with the most current FontAwesome font. All future FontAwesome fonts are supported with this plugin - IPS just needs to update the font as needed in future distributions.
    Why $2?
    Why not? I'd make it $1 but IPS would take 60 cents of that so.... Also, I'm thirsty! You don't want me to remain parched do you? $2 once and no renewals ever!
    Just shoot me a PM for now. 
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  10. Flitterkill added a file in Utilities and Stats   

    Click It! for IPS.Gallery v1.0.0
    Click It!
    Dirt simple IPS.Gallery plugin that adds (restores?) the ability to just click the image when viewing a single album image to bring up the larger lightboxed image. Currently the image is not linked and you are required to click the lightbox button above and to the left of the image. When viewing the image in the lightbox, this plugin also moves the full size button from the bottom left to the top left and increases the font size. All the other options remain functional with this plugin enabled including rotate, notes, set as, and of course the default lightbox button.

    Currently toggling the enable/disable button in the plugins menu only disables the css changes. You will need to uninstall the plugin to stop ClickIt! entirely. This is an IPS bug; not a problem with the plugin.
    Check out my other IPS work!
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  11. Flitterkill added a post in a topic Nice looking Custom Projects database. Would love to see a tutorial or templates released to mimic that!   

    Actually, there is a video out there of ??? from IPS assembling the bug tracker - or something like it. It was back in the Alpha/Early Beta days. Lost the link to the video when the alpha site got nuked. 
    It was rather nice as he narrated the entire thing as he went through and built it out. Took 11 minutes I think.
    I asked for the link to the video a few months back but I don't think anyone found it or replied
  12. Flitterkill added a post in a topic Theme updates (code changes)   

    It's not so much that we can't but more about efficiency. We had these tools in the 3 series and now with a completely new framework we don't (or didn't  ). Having diff reports at our fingertips makes our work much faster - one less thing for us to do, or trudge through. Doubly so with all the changes and revisions happening early and often with these initial releases.
  13. Flitterkill added a post in a topic Allow customer to download 1 version older than newly released one   

    No, he means he wants to be able to grab 4.0.4 after having gotten 4.0.5
    Might want to make a habit of archiving previous versions locally until (if ever) IPS decides to allow older versions to linger for donwload.
  14. Flitterkill added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Feature Request - ACP Datetime settings
    This is more of a request to get this back in the ACP but as far as I can tell, outside of the Calendar app which does have date format settings, we are stuck with the datetime function default with no way to change them (i.e. after we go through hours and the past week the format defaults to "day month-abbr.' So 20 May. 3 March. Etc.)
    On the template side we can add in dateonly="true" after the initial function call to return a format of 4/14/15, etc. but that's it unless there are some more undocumented vars to pass through. Still limiting to end users though without an ACP setting.
    Apologies if this was already asked for. Just noticed it myself now strangely enough.
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  15. Flitterkill added a post in a topic Theme updates (code changes)   

    This is all still possible? Why wouldn't it be? 
    ​And? Nothing has changed. If a theme designer wants to use images they still can. Nothing in 4.0 prevents the use of images for any of that stuff.