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  1. Add my voice in agreement as well. Noticed the hover before active last night after reading this thread. Outside of that though, the menu works well and handles clicks for tablet navigation great.
  2. It works fine but be aware that the rebuilding of the index may take awhile and while it is rebuilding search will not work. The rebuild is also a background process like all others so after you click yes to rebuild the table you may want to head out to the dashboard and start processing immediately. On a live site strongly consider doing this in the middle of the night when no one is around - especially if you are on shared hosting (or even a VPS). As for performance of search afterward we'll probably need to wait for people to start posting real-world examples but it shouldn't be vastly different than what you have when set to 3/4 characters. Performance is going to be more affected by how well your MySql install is configured, memory dedicated to caching, and the CPU on your server. I haven't gone live with 4.0 yet on my communities but have been testing with local WAMP copies.  InnoDB tables, set to two character search, NTFS (Win 10 WAMP install - noted as Linux storage bits may differ in size). I have also not altered InnoDB to remove any stopwords (that's a whole other ball of wax...)  For a community that has about 135,000 posts across 100,000 or so topics I have the following sizes after the two-character index rebuild: posts table = 294 megabytes topics table = 94 megabytes search index = 205 megabytes Reasonable all around.  If I want to search for "Audi R8" and don't feel like typing in Audi and just go with R8 the search works just fine. This is of course with 4.0.13.
  3. 4.1 Beta release...

    ...next week? Been quiet on this front so I'm assuming not this week.
  4. IPS4 Pages - My experience building a custom homepage

    Pretty sure we are getting full import/export with 4.1, not just db's. I asked this on the preview site last week.EDIT: This is mentioned in the 4.1 announcement blog post and I confirmed here: http://ips41preview.invisionpower-staging.com/topic/125-pages-template-importexport-question/
  5. It is, no lie, a giant pain in the ass to format/theme the search box. This attached controller handles the population and submission of the filtering elements and that is great and all but the same controller also fades and hides the filter box and other junk. You can CSS around some of it but without disabling the controller entirely some fade elements will still fire leading to bits fading out and immediately reappearing.If this was just a .js file that contained nothing but theme elements it would be fine under the IPS terms and conditions to rip it apart and so on but this is a full-on js controller so I can't hack at it and package it up with a theme without violating those terms. Seeing as it is a mish mash of both theme and control it leaves me with either the option to hack my way around it with css (leaving a few crappy looking annoyances behind) or re-write - without using IPS code - the entire controller.Yes, I know, I can probably pull over junk from the advanced search form and hack another thing up rather than trying to format the front-facing quick search, but you guys could consider having controllers just control and keep the formatting stuff in separate js controllers/things to give the folks making themes more direct control (and not have to code around what should be simple theme work).2 cents..
  6. Tags should be configurable per-section.

    I'll just leave this here... 
  7. Bolt an FAQ into the Marketplace topics?

    This, or a variant, gets asked every couple of weeks. We'd love to just edit the first post or two in our topics but unfortunately forum-based group permissions haven't made the leap over from the 3-series. That has to be something up on the list for IPS to get around to.Right?
  8. That's from the side bar when viewing a member's profile. When in the marketplace underneath an author's name is this:Duplicating that link up onto that profile box would seem a logical thing to do so people can just click on through to find junk... 2 cents etc...
  9. Font Awesome 4.4

    If IPS was using a public CDN for these then we would probably be getting the updated version immediately/automatically but they are actually embedded in the suite (applications-core-interface-font) so they need to insert them into the suite download themselves.
  10. Font Awesome 4.4

    @Lindy Do you guys have a plan on regular updates to this? I imagine you would just roll in the new version as it becomes available but I (others?) wouldn't mind seeing a note in the Release Notes sections on when this occurs.@kar3n2 All the icons you see in the IPS suite are not images but are actually from a font file -FontAwesome - that is included with IPS. See that tiny heart in the like this badge in the bottom right of every post here? The heart is a FontAwesome icon. Same with the bell and envelope icons you see up top in the user bar. The advantage is that they are scale-able vector fonts and not static pixel images. That means they can be scaled up and down in size without a loss in quality.  In theme templates the code to insert an icon is <i class='fa fa-whatever'></i> where you replace the whatever with the name of the actual icon you want.  This stuff isn't natively available when just making or replying to a post though. icomoon also ships with IPS though I haven't stumbled across where it gets used though... https://icomoon.io/#icons 
  11. I've said this before a few times so I've got no problems saying it again The status widget of the 3.4 series was a defacto site-specific Twitter implementation. And it was (and is) fantastic. A better/different Shoutbox. Great for stuff worth saying but nothing worth a full-on forum post.The key was the ability to respond to the statuses in the widget. Honestly, this should be in the upcoming features list and in-line right next to search for getting done.
  12. IPS said they don't support rooted Android

    Same for tablets? I have a rooted Samsung I could give a whirl if you post a link.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Quick and dirty improvement of the default IPS new version announcement that gets parked in the ACP dashboard. This is just something to tie us over until IPS reconfigures the new version announcement so as to not be full text all-the-time. I recommend a tightly-formatted auto-added side widget but that's just me...Smaller text but capitalized throughout. IPS logo in front. The most recent new version available is now indicated.Click anywhere on that text to display the full text announcement. If you have skipped a version or two those announcements are displayed as well. Click anywhere in the announcement text to hide again. 


  14. Version 1.0.0


    Do you hate the number 25?Do you hate even more that you can't change the number of forum topics displayed when viewing a forum?Well here you go! This plugin has two options. It will let you change the number of forum topics displayed when viewing a forum and it will let you set the number of files displayed when viewing an IPS.Downloads category listing. If there are other apps you would like to see hooked onto besides Forums and Downloads let me know. Those two seemed the most in need of this setting.Feel free to toss some stars on this!IMPORTANT!The default set by IPS is 25. I've tested plenty of times less than 25. Not so much more than 25. This is just a warning that setting this to some insanely high number might (???) break things what with the Ajax loading who knows what else is going on. If someone wants to give this a run with 50 per page or some such number I'd love a note back so I can confirm how high we can go before (if) anything breaks. DEVELOPER NOTES:When table data is grabbed and is destined to be displayed as table/tabular data such as when you are viewing the list of topics in a forum or the files available in a downloads category, a single method is called to handle this for the entire suite minus an exception or two (I know the Pages application seems to use something else as a setting exists there to handle this). This means no matter the section in the suite, if some table data is being grabbed and displayed in a row-like fashion, it hits this method and the rows-per-page variable is hard coded at 25. I fully expect IPS to add specific app settings for this back in eventually but for now you can use this. I would just let you set the number once but this method touches a lot of places, even in the ACP, so I felt it best to just lock it down on an app to app basis.  


  15. Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor

    This was discussed back in Fall 2014 on the Alpha site. I for the life of me can't recall why it was stated iframe was the choice over div, I do remember people being a little bit perplexed by it though. There had to have been a reason...right?