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  1. Let's vote for Post Preview feature

    I agree with @Lindy that overall this is mainly a confidence issue. Once people get a few weeks of posting under their belt the need/want will probably drop away. However - marketplace to the rescue: The nice part of this is that it is just a pop-up modal so no new page reload. This should solve most people's needs. Be sure to rep the mod author if it helps!
  2. It actually seems there are no permissions to be set in Member Groups for Commerce at all. It is as you say; if you are registered (Member or higher) then you can access Support but guests cannot. I can see where IPS is coming from in doing this but your use-case makes a lot of sense as well. Especially if someone just got the Core and Commerce they would have no way of working with guest (pre-sale) inquiries outside of a generic email account (or creating multiple email accounts) - which bypasses the nice Support system already in place. I think @Mark is the primary for Commerce stuff so I'll tag him to have him maybe pop his head in here. Allowing guests to access Support shouldn't be too hard of a change to make but it is a feature request at this point. Sorry.  
  3. Upgrade Now Front End Message

    Tracy Perry brings up a good idea. A flagged, permanent-until-upgraded notification would do the trick as well. I would combine both the front end message (but dismiss-able) with the perma-notification. You could even css the critical notification and wrap it in a red background, etc. @someone.... When you say the message is for administrators only is that for the single distinct user group "Administrators" or for any/all that have ACP access?
  4. We cant search 3 letters/less. REALLY?

    I'd be glad to look if you want. PM me.
  5. We cant search 3 letters/less. REALLY?

    Agree not working on this IPS site. It's quite possible they haven't updated this site. @Lindy All I can say is I *know* the bug cited above has been patched (looked at the source file myself) and on a stock install I can search three char words just fine. For your own site hit the support tool button in the ACP to drop and rebuild all the caches and if it persists afterwards (taking into account all the MySql stop words and so on) submit a support request.    
  6. We cant search 3 letters/less. REALLY?

    Probably should submit a support request then; something else might be going on. I can confirm three char works on a stock install. Just tested again to be sure.
  7. We cant search 3 letters/less. REALLY?

    See the above. It was a bug. Fixed in If you are still on 4.1.2 or less it will stick to 4 characters or more.
  8. We cant search 3 letters/less. REALLY?

    I don't think you'll ever get two character searching available on IPS cloud-hosted sites. But, if your IPS hosted site is on 4.0 and the db tables are innodb three character searches should be default. You'll need to get a response from staff to confirm though. As to why you would not be able to get two character searches that's because it requires changing a default db configuration and adds addition file size and server load to the server and in a shared hosting environment that impacts everyone. It's possible down the line that IPS might start spinning out each IPS-hosted site as individual Amazon/whatever hosted process in which case they could probably add an option for stuff like two char searching for an additional fee, etc. but again, that's stuff for IPS to decide/do/etc...
  9. We cant search 3 letters/less. REALLY?

    It's a minor bug that will get patched when they update this site and everyone will have it when they do the next release. If you have to have it now for your site see my fix here: And yes, three character *and* two character searches (if your DB is configured properly) work just fine.
  10. Could you toss some jQuery onto each entry to make them collapsible/expandable? It would be an immense help to see a *list* of all the files changed without having to scroll over and through the actual files. Do the above and set the default state as collapsed. At a glance I can see if there is anything I need to worry about and if I do need to see the changes I can just click and the file contents and changes will expand into view. As it is now, to see the files that have changed, just the file names, I have to slowly scroll through the contents of all affected files.
  11. Recover deleted posts,

    You can improve this particular modal. Some extra text emphasizing that this content will be deleted and unrecoverable might help get the point across.
  12. IPS Community Suite 4.1 Update

    It's beta 2. I wasn't sure at first either but it is. They should probably toss a B2, B3, etc designation on them.
  13. Add my voice in agreement as well. Noticed the hover before active last night after reading this thread. Outside of that though, the menu works well and handles clicks for tablet navigation great.
  14. It works fine but be aware that the rebuilding of the index may take awhile and while it is rebuilding search will not work. The rebuild is also a background process like all others so after you click yes to rebuild the table you may want to head out to the dashboard and start processing immediately. On a live site strongly consider doing this in the middle of the night when no one is around - especially if you are on shared hosting (or even a VPS). As for performance of search afterward we'll probably need to wait for people to start posting real-world examples but it shouldn't be vastly different than what you have when set to 3/4 characters. Performance is going to be more affected by how well your MySql install is configured, memory dedicated to caching, and the CPU on your server. I haven't gone live with 4.0 yet on my communities but have been testing with local WAMP copies.  InnoDB tables, set to two character search, NTFS (Win 10 WAMP install - noted as Linux storage bits may differ in size). I have also not altered InnoDB to remove any stopwords (that's a whole other ball of wax...)  For a community that has about 135,000 posts across 100,000 or so topics I have the following sizes after the two-character index rebuild: posts table = 294 megabytes topics table = 94 megabytes search index = 205 megabytes Reasonable all around.  If I want to search for "Audi R8" and don't feel like typing in Audi and just go with R8 the search works just fine. This is of course with 4.0.13.