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  1. Please add some kind of class to Navigation

    Oh, there are ways... .ipsNavBar_primary > ul > li { /*styling here*/ }  
  2. Yup... members should be encourage to make new topics/posts. It's not doing that right now with the button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Stream improvements

    Happening to me as well. Chrome 45. Only happens in condensed mode though, not the expanded mode.
  4. This is weird. It's fairly easy to stop this with Javascript, with something like e.preventDefault(); Perhaps make it an option for each menu item?
  5. I think the title of this topic is a bit misleading when actually reading the post. The active tab shouldn't change at all when mosuing over a different tab, when there's no second-level menu.
  6. 4.1 Menu Bar Suggestion

    I for one would like the navigation area to remain identical for all of my users (except being able to save custom streams into the menu).
  7. How to tell when you've rated a topic etc.

    Maybe if the stars kept the blue colour they get when you first rate a topic.
  8. Menu Manager

    This would cause the content below the menu to be pushed up and down.... ....unless you make the sub-menu overlap the area below. Not sure if that's a good idea. I like the current approach, even though I probably won't be using the second-level menu myself (will be using dropdowns).
  9. Menu Manager

    The text on the inactive tabs also look a bit odd. Something doesn't feel right, I think the bright text on a dark blue background is at fault. Perhaps tone those down a bit. Also, does the Menu Manager allow you to get rid of the hover effect and use a menu setup more similar to IPS 4.0.x? If you don't have a second-level menu, there's no reason to have it change active tab on hover.
  10. Menu Manager

    You really need to do something about that terrible pink bubble for the chat user count.
  11. Setting timezone.

    Yeah, but that's a bit different though. You're specifying a time instead of just being served dates and times for post info, etc.Sometimes you might want to schedule things in different timezones than your own (i.e. international events). There is a timezone option when creating a new event in the calendar.
  12. Setting timezone.

    Timezones are automatically set for each individual user in IPS4, based on their local system time. No setting needed.
  13. Topic Number in IPS4

  14. Trailing Slash In Friendly Url's

    Thanks a bunch.  Downloaded!