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  1. New Bug Tracker, powered by IP.Content

    While it might be for the better I won't go into purchasing IP.Content just for the bug tracker... I'll stick with the previous version.
  2. The New Gallery 5.0, Well Sort Of, Look-ie! :D

    What you are proposing is exacly what I would expect, I agree with some of the users in the fact that the new gallery does look more of a forum with pictures other than a galery. I would preffer a setup like yours mainly because its attractive to have all those pictures/albums etc showing in that manner.
  3. IPB Server Requirements

    changeindia: How many online members do you have online on a busy day (not your busiest).
  4. IPB Server Requirements

    Alright and what would you suggest for the CPU?
  5. I've been looking for a host that gives me a great deal and some space to grow but I can't figure that out without knowing what are the forum requirements. I'm planning on running the forum with all the availiable add-ons (gallery, blog, etc) and possibly a couple of simple webpages (I might buy IP Content for this).This is all I could find. I would like to know around how much RAM and CPU would I need to smoothly run a medium size community. I currently have in mind a VPS with 1.1Ghzs 768 RAM 30GB Disk Space & 500GB Bandwidth.
  6. New Feature (Request Shops)

    I think it would be awesome to have an option where cutomers are able to purchase "hours of coding" from the developers at a rate set by them. I think that would be a good add-on to go along with what I suggested above.
  7. New Feature (Request Shops)

    So many views no comments... Any thoughts?
  8. New IPB License

    Well.. that... sucks.. I'll merge the forums then. Thanks.
  9. New IPB License

    I'm planning on making another forum, my current one has all the extra aps, after I purchase the new license for the IPB will I have to re-purchase the add-ons as well?
  10. New Feature (Request Shops)

    I was wondering (if not already possible) if we can allow member to have requests shops.Example: Member A is skilled at making forum signatures and would like to take requests from people for a price which variates depending on the request. So Member A pays the forum a "security fee" or whatever you want to call it which also variates depending on the maximum price of items he will be allowed sell, Member A will then be (allowed / put in a special group) where he will be able to make a "shop" to take requests depending on hes set guidelines. Member A will then be given hes deposit back (or a percent of it) after completing a set amount of positive transactions. Member B will be wanting to request a signature from Member A. After submitting the filled guidelines provided by Member A, Member B will pay a percentage of the total price on front (this option is only applicable for large projects such as a skin or programing a software). After the signature is completed, Member B will pay the full/remaining amount and then be allowed to download it. Notes: The security fee charged to Member A is about 3x(average price of items), if Member A is dishonest or seem to scam people, he will lose hes privileges/special group and will lose the security fee, the security fee will then be used to pay the customer back. Also, Member A will only be allowed to take on a set amount of projects until reaching a set amount of positive transactions. However if he proves to be honest by completing a set amount of positive transactions and/or after a set amount of time, he will receive a percentage of hes deposit back (which we should also be able to set but probably give him back 90% of the deposit).
  11. Suggestion: Next Step After Registration

    Still hoping this is added or at the very least a hook is released (and maintained) for this.
  12. Suggestion for IP.Downloads 2.5.0

    This sounds like a great idea.
  13. Ratings/Feedback

    Sorry I guess I missed them, I had a feeling I wouldn't be the first one to post this.
  14. Ratings/Feedback

    I just became aware of something that seems... unfair.This is the list of all the files I've released. I think that a member shouldn't be allowed to rate (with stars) or comment on a file if he/she haven't downloaded/purchase it (I think it would be alright to allow them to on the files topic though). It just makes good sense that "If you haven't purchased the product how can you review it?". I found it unusual getting rated so low only for the "paid" graphics while the free ones have better ratings. People rate down just because they don't want to pay for something and I think that isn't fair.
  15. Suggestion! in the features

    Your right, its all about personal opinion, but I guess its save to say that IPB is a LOT easier to use than FB. Every time I need to do something a bit more than the ordinary on FB I find myself having to google it.... (a while back I had to google "How to remove FB friends")... Now when it comes to looks... yea I guess it kinda does but that's what skins are for.