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  1. Member's Country

    Excellent plugin and Adriano is excellent for answering questions!
  2. Please someone answer my posts ... paaaaleaaase!

  3. Banned Members... Are They Really Members Just Like Me?

    Our problem is with the upgrade, it now doubles our membership.  This is very misleading to a high traffic site when people ask what your membership is and it shows a false positive number. Is there a way to ensure that these members are grouped and not tallied in the totals on the site or on member lists etc?  I'm quite tired of users xxxatmeeeeeplease  makes our site look very in-credible.
  4. is down?

    I've been trying to access all day, and I can only get in sporatically. :-(
  5. rss into calendar

    I have several rss feeds that I'd like to have automatically put in the calendar. Is this possible?
  6. rss into calendar

    What about RSS feeds?
  7. Calendar moderator notification

    This is an important option!
  8. Release

    When will this be available? RG
  9. ipoints

    Can anyone confirm if there is a point system in Nexus? iPoints that you received from posting and can use to purchase products listed?
  10. IP.Nexus First Pre-Sale

    Can someone put up their website that are using it? I wanna see the beauts!
  11. "Add Friend" icon misleading

  12. "Add Friend" icon misleading

    I know I am not blonde but I clearly cant see it. Can you attach a screenshot. Pretty please!
  13. "Add Friend" icon misleading

    how do you delete someone who is already a friend? I can't find it anywhere?
  14. Ideas for IP.Commerce - List

    Please please please. Also the ability to barter/trade listings?
  15. IP Commerce Feedback

    Will there be the ability to use an iPoints type system for giving members credits?