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  1. and amazingly solution to this issue was not added to 3.4 incredible
  2. post count filter on IPB cpanel/members serarch >> gone important when u wanna split a member group based on post count or even clean board for all 0 posts members. Cant really understand why this was removed from IPB cpanel either since its available on forum side/members tab (advanced search options) cant really understand why everything is so backwards nowadays with IPB, honestly
  3. IP.Board 3.3 and IP.Content 2.3 Coming Soon!

    [quote name='bfarber' timestamp='1331304271'] We were not going for "let's add 800 new features to 3.3". We were going for "let's make this the stablest release we can, focus on cleaning up areas of the software that may be confusing, neglected, or otherwise require improvement, and overall polish the product". Totally agree with that position. What i don't understand is people saying that finally IPB is usable, when i see NOTHING that important added to IPB functionality, besides the clone permissions when adding new forum and the warning/ban member improved system. That's why i am kind of confused. And please don't getme wrong. For me IPB is simply the best forum software available in the market.
  4. IP.Board 3.3 and IP.Content 2.3 Coming Soon!

    really. whats so good on it that you dont find on 3.2.3?
  5. Few suggestions

    Thank you. I guess i will have to wait for tabs with categories and forums on some future release on IPBoard then. Thanks once again.
  6. Few suggestions

    just tried 3.3 and i dont see ANY of the suggestions am i missing something here? no clone forums/categories, no navegation tabs with forums and categories, no nothing is this being kept hidden untill offcial release?
  7. IP.Board 3.3 and IP.Content 2.3 Coming Soon!

    [quote name='bfarber' timestamp='1331218384'] This is a new feature of IP.Content, not IP.Board. i was told it was an ipb feature but cant seem to find it actually can someone please link me to the major changes from 3.2.3 to 3.3 cause honestly i dont see any major difference. maybe i am missing something can someone link me to a changelog. tried to find it on forum but dont see any specific information
  8. Few suggestions

    i guess you somehow misunderstood what i said. im not interested on any advertising. im interested on having forum secure. not just mine but also all other IPB customers. like i mentioned before....i have fixed my forum. what happens to all the other thousands of customers? answer from IPB was we will fix it on next release 3.3 not good enough once again and yes my concern is not just warn IP but also all other customers so they can fix themselves if they can do it. i agree that vuln disclosures would bring some stress to IP staff and everything else evolved, but would bring to us (customers) the certainty that vulnerabilities would be fixed as quick as possible and not on the next release, like i was told. nothing better than some pressure to have satisfied customers. Unless IP simply just do not care if thousand of forums are running atm with vulnerabilities that can easily be patched. also think about this, if that vuln is not advertised here (within IPB community) and things are kept hidden from public holding a fix for 2/3 weeks or 1 or 3 months this can be achieved on any other web security website like exploit-db and the pressure is going to be even bigger, forcing IP to a quick response. am i right? but i can understand its a delicate issue and i will respect the idea that is not a good suggestion for you guys
  9. Few suggestions

    support tickets are private between support and that specific user. not good enough example yesterday i submitted a XSS vulnerability to IPB staff. i have fixed it and guess it will be fixed on 3.3 but what about all other customers that are using 3.2 and are not aware of that vuln?
  10. Few suggestions

    another awesome new feature would be the possibility to add categories and forums on different tabs. like have 2 or 3 or 10 tabs on IPB menu, and categories and forums on each of those tabs. cool for communities that have all different kinds of sections and need to keep all that separated without having to scroll down for 10 minutes to get to the bottom of the forum
  11. Few suggestions

    I hope they do. its awesome. I didnt have the chance to read what's new on 3.3 mostly cause i usually wait a couple months to upgrade my board. Mostly cause it takes some time till all mods and apps i use along with IPB get updated as well. i updated first post as well
  12. Few suggestions

    General suggestions 1- Vulnerabilities report section available for customers only. Im sure a few of IPB members have some knowledge in web security and would report new things (0days) on a private area that can be fixed quick before turning public. IPBoard wise 1- clone forums feature (its a must) with all it's settings and permissions. like we have with clone a member group 2- iphone and android customizable applications (skin and board name etc). vBull has them and i honestly think it is an awesome idea. IP needs to think about this 2 applications as a step towards new technologies. tablets and smart phones are here to stay and a mobile skin is not enough IPNexus wise 1- add a fully customized payment gateway. Sometimes might not even be a real payment gateway but just some message to contact personally the seller/author (at least last time i checked this wasnt available) IPContent 1- This application has a lot of potencial but i think somehow is getting forgotten by IPb and by all the users that don't really have php and other languages knoledge cause its really hard to develop something for it if you dont do have enough knowledge. So everybody is really limited to the hooks that are made public by other dev's. I honestly thing that application should be way more user friendly, with a bunch of templates (blocks) that can be modified/optimized on a GUI or something close to that more to come. will keep this topic updated with new ideas