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  1. IPB connection charset during the installation and after

    $INFO['sql_charset'] was added as a small workaround for those, who don't know how to configure their servers well. If you create your new database with default collation set as ut8_general_ci (for example), an if you push "default-character-set=utf8" to my.cnf - there will be no need in $INFO['sql_charset'] at all. And actually that's the only correct way to configure your MySQL as IP.Board to work with UTF-8. Triggering "SET NAMES" on each query - isn't. That's why it's hidden by default, to be used only by those, who is using cheap shared hosting and can't reconfigure their servers.
  2. Phehe. It seems like I've lost access to contibutors forum after my license expired. Renewed in already and waiting for approve, but stilI found this a bit wrong... What if I'm a freelance contributor working and developing under someone's else scripts?

  3. Hi! Are you planing to release Thoreau and Thoreau Dark for 3.2? :)

    1. Ryan H.

      Ryan H.

      When I get the chance. At this point I'm waiting on 3.2.1.

  4. Как там успехи с 3.2? :3

    1. Mikhail


      Странно, я не видел этого сообщения пока сегодня не зашел в Ваш профиль ((
      Но Вы уже в курсе ))

  5. Tags?

    Still no tags in 4.1... Kinda sad.
  6. Debian = No sound

    You're a newbie? Always check your distro's board first before spreading linux-related questions around random Internet forums: http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?t=33277
  7. Spam Protection against gmail alias

    And what about this aliases? Are they fitlered too?example@gmail.com example+test@gmail.com example+test2@gmail.com example+anything@gmail.com
  8. I have been following you in Tracker (Gallery). You are good... :)

  9. Рицка! Я тебя и здесь нашел ^_^

  10. благодарствую за перлы этого дня... =)

  11. Please, don't forget to fix this shame in 4.x

    It's still the same in Gallery 4.
  12. Please, don't forget to fix this shame in 4.x

    Thanks, Matt <3
  13. Please, don't forget to fix this shame in 4.x

    Talking about features, there are a lot of things on this forum that are often being interpreted like "feature request" being a "must include" things. For example, nobody will call the ability to create topics a "feature" for any forum software. Cause it's just not a feature, it's something every forum MUST HAVE. The social bookmarks is a feature, but not a posting ability. And, for example, engine is not a feature for car, it's also a MUST HAVE thing. Cause otherwise it's not a car at all. And when I'm writing here "There must be" I don't mean "It's not important for a web script not to have the same TITLE for all its pages, but, probably, you can implement a feature to display a title which will be relevant to content, just for fun". I mean "Every commercial web software MUST generate a title for each page being relevant to this page content. It's very important as for end-users - cause it's much easier to navigate through properly named bookmarks (incl. "social") and browser tabs, as for SEO - cause Google relays on page title a lot. Software without this can't be taken serious.". So, if IPS refuses to implement that "feature", I will refuse to use their software. At least "as is". I don't need a car without engine for a price of normal car at all.