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  1. $INFO['sql_charset'] was added as a small workaround for those, who don't know how to configure their servers well. If you create your new database with default collation set as ut8_general_ci (for example), an if you push "default-character-set=utf8" to my.cnf - there will be no need in $INFO['sql_charset'] at all. And actually that's the only correct way to configure your MySQL as IP.Board to work with UTF-8. Triggering "SET NAMES" on each query - isn't. That's why it's hidden by default, to be used only by those, who is using cheap shared hosting and can't reconfigure their servers.
  2. Phehe. It seems like I've lost access to contibutors forum after my license expired. Renewed in already and waiting for approve, but stilI found this a bit wrong... What if I'm a freelance contributor working and developing under someone's else scripts?

  3. Hi! Are you planing to release Thoreau and Thoreau Dark for 3.2? :)

    1. Ryan H.

      Ryan H.

      When I get the chance. At this point I'm waiting on 3.2.1.

  4. Как там успехи с 3.2? :3

    1. Mikhail


      Странно, я не видел этого сообщения пока сегодня не зашел в Ваш профиль ((
      Но Вы уже в курсе ))

  5. Debian = No sound

    You're a newbie? Always check your distro's board first before spreading linux-related questions around random Internet forums: http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?t=33277
  6. Spam Protection against gmail alias

    And what about this aliases? Are they fitlered too? example@gmail.com example+test@gmail.com example+test2@gmail.com example+anything@gmail.com
  7. I have been following you in Tracker (Gallery). You are good... :)

  8. Рицка! Я тебя и здесь нашел ^_^

  9. благодарствую за перлы этого дня... =)

  10. If hook contains some tables and IP.Board creates them during it's install, there will be a problems with upgrading and re-installing of this hook. Because as for now deletion of this hook also means a dropping it's database tables, which means loosing all user-created data. There must be an option to do not drop any MySQL tables in common with hook deletion. For example, this is actual for at last 2 hooks you can find in my signature. Uninstalling Multiava hook will drop all custom avatars, uninstalling Meta Everywhere hook means loosing all custom meta data. Even if you are doing this just for upgrade.
  11. CSS support for Hooks

    Was it implemented? As much as I can see, in last 1 year & 3 month that "new version" is not out still :)
  12. IP.Chat Completely Unreliable

  13. И от меня тоже спасибо :)