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  1. Yay, Greenline is finally out and approved! You can download it now, thanks to everyone who contributed!

    1. Glumbo


      One of the best themes i've seen

    2. T3XT3


      Echt schön geworden… machst du auch Custom Skins? :)

  2. Yay, Greenline is finally done. Keep your eyes open for a release in the next days!

  3. is working on the Greenline Skin.

  4. Just to be sure: The answer to my first question is "No", and the answer to my second question and the "edit" there is "Correct", right? :D
  5. Hello, I am currently owning an active community suite license and just read your special IPS product line offer, which says that I can get IP.Content + IP.Downloads together for only 50$. I have a few questions regarding that. 1) Could I, as I am currently owning the community suite (but I don´t want to buy another one) use this special offer as well and buy IP.Content and IP.Downloads for 50$ altogether? 2) If I can do so, how much are renewal fees for these products each and how long stays the license active after buying (6 months/1 year?)? (Edit: Just saw in the order-process: 30$ for IP.Content/20$ for IP.Downloads and 1 year each, right?) Thanks, holder10
  6. Mal kurz hier stoppen und ein "Hallo" hinterlassen! :-)

  7. iPhone OS 3.1/4.0 wishlist

    Just adding the ability to go to the next/previous song with the sound control buttons on the side (double clicking them would be best I think).
  8. Please please please please.

    The best way would be to let it work like this.
  9. Conversion Services Update

    Have a look at the update in the post: :)
  10. Conversion Services Update

    The Woltlab Burning Board 3.x ist very popular in Germany. Perhaps, you could add support for this version as well.
  11. New IPS Web Site

  12. New IPS Web Site

    Looks like I am the only one who is actually READING the feature pages :D The features listed on the "Extensibility" tab are the same as on the "Administration" tab - copy & paste rockz :D Edit: All the icons are from iconexperience.com, right? They look pretty good on invisionpower.com - although I disliked them before. Edit2: But I have to admit that I don´t like the handwritten font you use on some pages. It just doesn´t fit the overall clean style in my opinion.
  13. New IPS Web Site

    Well, I really like the new design. It is cleaner and looks "cooler" than the older, more business-like site. A few things I noticed: - The sign up box for the demo is missing - The resources aren
  14. You are cool!