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  1. JavaScript Password Hashing

    It's faster than comparitively it used to be, it's not faster than raw HTTP, but it isn't far off (excluding negotiating the initial connection). If you're talking about people using SPDY rather than just plain HTTPS, then that's a different matter as well. That being said, I am not advocating against using HTTPS all the time, I think that would be fine.
  2. Get Ready For IPS 4.0!

    It heavily depends on the size of your actual posts as well.  Larger ones obviously take longer to convert.  We have around 5 million and a beefy server and the normal script for us would have been more than 48 hours of solid run time (I stopped running it after about 24 hours straight).
  3. Get Ready For IPS 4.0!

      If you have a large board it may be worth checking out my converter for doing this.  I should note that it's completely unofficial but has positive reviews from those who have tried it and can leverage parallel processing on your linux server to speed things up.
  4. Version 1.1.0


    With the release of IPB 4 coming in the future, one of the things that is going to hit people with large communities hard is the conversion to UTF-8 if you are not already there.  This can be a huge task, and with bfarber's converter, this works fine, but can be very slow as PHP can only run so quickly as it's bound by a single CPU thread.  On my forum, which is a total DB size of ~10GB, bfarber's single threaded script takes over 48 hours straight to run.  I found this amount of downtime for my live forum to be unacceptable, so I created a fork of his script and used PHP's fork functions to multi-thread it.  With 8 cores assigned to the script, I was able to convert this database in just 5 hours under testing.  When I did my live conversion, I assigned 12 cores and was able to do it in 3 hours.   This script is aimed at people with large databases, where a conversion would normally take a significant amount of time, and people who are power users and understand server maintenance and configuration.   Please ensure you carefully read the included readme.txt file, and the documentation in the PHP file for the settings.   The database I converted was an IPB 3.4.5 database, but since this is based on bfarber's script from 2010, there's no reason this shouldn't work on pretty much any IPB version in the 3.x.x series, but I will only be officially supporting it on 3.4.5.   This converter has the following enhancements over the original: [*]Multi-threading [*]Use of PDO directly for DB connections, which gives a small improvement over using IPB's library [*]Use of PDO prepared statements for multiple inserts meaning less data and less CPU time are used by MySQL [*]Ability to remap characters post-conversion [*]Easy to read exceptions thrown to STDERR on query failure [*]Useful ETA information based on the records already processed


  5. Editor Feedback

    I know this seems like a huge thing to ask at this stage but why was CKEditor chosen? Did you consider using TinyMCE which does actually have a BBCode mode in its source mode and RTE available for it as well? I've not implemented either but it seems to do pretty much what you have CKEditor doing here but natively:
  6. Editor Feedback

    Phasing out BBCode and going for all-HTML down the road is a good thing, it just needs to work correctly. People get all sorts of annoyed when they go to edit a post and some new behind the scenes change which they don't care about totally messes it up and causes a load of work for them. Also in general, most users hate changes and it discourages them from posting because they don't want to bother getting to grips with something new. The most important thing though, and it's been said by everyone here, is it needs to have total backwards compatibility. Parsing some BBCode into HTML but they might not turn out exactly how the BBCode displayed things? Then don't parse them and save it that way, you need to save the original so that the content as it was intended to be displayed isn't lost because of some screw up made in conversion. I always love to upgrade our forums and get the latest features, but the biggest worry for me is always that some change that has been made (just like this) might cause our users to dislike the forum and thus posting will go downhill. It's also not IPS that takes the blame when this happens, our users hold us responsible and we suffer for it as well.
  7. Standard Editor BBCode Buttons

    While I would like to see the buttons back, I do understand why they're not. The editor is CKEditor, and it physically doesn't support having the RTE buttons turned on while RTE mode is turned off, including that functionality would mean ripping into CKEditor source to enable them and probably making it so that it was pretty impossible to keep the CKEditor base up to date because of all the changes. Someone should have really thought about this before promises were made to the community regarding it, because I believe Wolfie is correct in saying it will never happen. Not to mention that since CKEditor doesn't support BBCode the buttons would all have to be modified to insert BBCodes rather than HTML.
  8. Change makes perfect sense, I agree. People might see it as a generic button that just marks the whole thread as solved and not realise that it means they're marking that specific post as the answer.
  9. Multiple Forums, Single Login

    From what I gather, it can easily sync across the multiple forums, but only if they are on the same domain. If they are on separate domains you may need to look into IP.Converge.
  10. How Secure is the PM System in IP Board?

    Of course there are plugins which allow you to see user's PMs. The solution is simple, if you don't trust someone with that information then don't install the plugin and don't give them ACP access; or limit the access to not include the SQL toolbox.
  11. Upgrade request -- no answer for days

    Haha, off topic but I have no other input other than to say I laughed.
  12. I agree, all of my passwords contain a mix of numbers, letters and symbols and it really annoys me when a site doesn't allow you to use them. What *is* the point? I consider it a huge fail on the part of a website if I ever request my password from them and I get an e-mail with it in plaintext.
  13. The length and obscurity of a user's password is much less of an issue when the hashing algorithm is much slower to compute. Generally it's not us, who have good passwords that are having their passwords decrypted after a security breach, it's the users. While it might be their own fault for not using a secure enough password, why not help things anyway by having a more secure hash?
  14. MD5 is still being used for IP.Board. But yes, a slower hashing algorithm would be great, it should even be possible to convert these on the fly as users successfully login to their accounts.
  15. Standard Editor (Again)

    It's not about having the old editor itself, it's about having the buttons available when you toggle off the RTE in the current editor. Quite often, using the RTE can be unwieldy, when working with large images, or when having to fix a post which has been messed up by the RTE (which happens occasionally), and when doing this, the BBCode buttons aren't available at all, which is annoyance. So much of an annoyance that it caused a 7 page feedback topic originally where a fix was promised. Many people also simply prefer not to use the RTE, note that I don't claim it's anywhere near a majority.