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  1. PHP7 Compatibility

    PHP7 + IPS 5? ok
  2. Duplicate Members Logger

    Are you died?
  3. p.s.: Main page of Forums.
  4. Introducing: IPS Community Suite 4!

    Wow! Pre-Release?
  5. Favorite Browser?

  6. About language system

  7. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    ​Very nice style.
  8. Insecure Client Area

    Very interesting. On Chrome works fine. On Safari - gives unwanted file... Clearing the cache has not brought results.
  9. Insecure Client Area

    There are
  10. Test 2 for facebook

  11. Test for facebook

  12. IPS website takes too long to load now

    I think that the problem is related on incapsula. if we are talking about this site.  
  13. 18+ Only

    Since here everything is possible, then I ask an indiscreet question. ) Who are you at his profession?
  14. New Logo on This Commmunity

    The uniqueness is that the default setting IPS does not support the Retina logo.