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  1. p.s.: Main page of Forums.
  2. Introducing: IPS Community Suite 4!

    Wow! Pre-Release?
  3. Favorite Browser?

  4. About language system

  5. Insecure Client Area

    Very interesting. On Chrome works fine. On Safari - gives unwanted file...Clearing the cache has not brought results.
  6. Insecure Client Area

    There are
  7. Test 2 for facebook

  8. Test for facebook

  9. IPS website takes too long to load now

    I think that the problem is related on incapsula.if we are talking about this site. 
  10. 18+ Only

    Since here everything is possible, then I ask an indiscreet question. )Who are you at his profession?
  11. New Logo on This Commmunity

    The uniqueness is that the default setting IPS does not support the Retina logo.
  12. New Logo on This Commmunity

    Unique technology! Indeed, there should be at this site, "own chip!" :))
  13. Just I noticed that the logo appears on the community, and besides adapted to the retina.This "innovation" will be available in beta release 4.0.5?
  14. IPS4 Feature Plan

    The most desirable future would be the stable releases.