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  1. Black Friday Promotion

    Same for me: "[#10X106] You cannot use that coupon with this purchase."
  2. Be more like Facebook chat

    2 years later the extensive plans are still plans   Does anyone have a good other chat with integration in IPS4?
  3. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Is this a theme from marketplace here?
  4. Where can I disable reviews?

    Hi, where can I disable reviews in Gallery?
  5. Can I set default sort of search results by date in 4.1? I can't find the setting :(
  6. Any news about chat?

    Ok, I'm planning for next fall then ;)
  7. Any news about chat?

    Hi there, in November I want to update my 3.x site to 4.1 – I hope that this time you really publish the final version at the and of October.  When I told my users for the first time from the update, were the first questions: Will the chat be better at lenght? I believe that they're right  The last update of chat was some years ago I feel. Are changes planned for the next few months? Otherwise I would still looking for a third-party chat, and this would be a shame.
  8. IPS4 Feature Plan

    I thought chat would be one of the next piece of work – in my memory first with 4.0 we have the chat as is now and soon there's an update after all the years. But now is in "Planning Stage". In IPS time this could be 2 years if I look when IPS4 was announced
  9. (NB34) Question Answer Challenge Guest Topic Post

    Works perfect, thanks!
  10. A long list of possible future IP.Chat ideas

    For years, the IP.Chat is minimalist. I very much hope to 4.0
  11. Article in Multiple Categories

    ...and the same for database entries in IP.C please ;) ...
  12. Community in the Cloud, New Support Package, and Transfer Promo

    It's okay ;) but please please please never give up the possibility for my own hosting. For german users a server anywhere in US is not acceptable. Ning is a bad example. I just wanted to say.
  13. 4.0: Charts & Graphs

    Cool. Wasn't on my wish list and it surprises me but really my site has some charts and will have more charts.
  14. My 4.0 Community Wishlist

    Sure. That's the problem with every app :( My wishes for IP.Suite are built in apps or functions like Poll System for IP.Content >Restricted Replies >View Anonymous Permissions and >View Online List Permissions >Member Map (essential for every community I think) >Social Groups (essential... too) or an image contests (for gallery; doesn't exist) But... I know that are only my private favorites ;) Other users may want an built in apps for soccer bets or for contest for good jokes ;)