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  1. Can't Renew My License

    The problem was solved :) My name have a special character that cause the invoce to not build correctly here in InvisionPower.
  2. Can't Renew My License

    Already sent my second ticket to Sales support (since I'm having trouble paying) Should I send one for General Support too ? Thanks.
  3. Can't Renew My License

    PayPal replied my request... There's nothing wrong with my account to make this error happen, since all my other payments are OK. @Cnmoore That's what I think is happening, the Invision Site is not making the invoice correctly after I bought the IP.Gallery.
  4. Can't Renew My License

    Unfortunately, InvisionPower can't solve my problem and the paypal support don't replied my support request. The weird thing, is that I use paypal to pay almost everything on the internet, without similar problems. The problem here(on Invision) started after I bought the IP.Gallery. Now, instead of going to the paypal default payment page (where you can log in and chose you credit card to pay), you go to the paypal index page.
  5. Can't Renew My License

    I send a ticket 20 hours ago. I guess the support is working on a solution to my problem.
  6. Can't Renew My License

    I tried different browsers, without success... The only thing different in this renew, is that I have IP.Gallery now.
  7. Can't Renew My License

    Hello, I'm having some problems renewing my license. Everytime I try to pay, instead of going to paypal page to confirm the payment, it goes to my paypal home page. (I can't pay) Note: I renewed my account several times. I know how is the process. Thanks.
  8. Duplicate Members Logger

    This APP crashed my server on install :) Thanks for the heads-up.