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  1. IPS 4.0: Internationalization and Localization

    Sure, but how do you connect these forums? As the only difference between these forums is the language, surely they should be connected. The same goes for articles in the CMS. If you write an article in English, but you also have a French section, then it should be possible for members to translate the article and post it as a translation. This means that readers will have to be able to find the French translation when looking at the English article. Its a basic CMS function.
  2. IPS 4.0: Internationalization and Localization

    Uhm.... you forgot the localization and translation of content. How about having the same content (articles for example) in multiple languages? How about having a forum subject covered by a forum for each language?
  3. Use a third party library/framework, or build it in-house?

    But with a popular framework vulnerabilities are found quicker. I much doubt that popular & robust frameworks like Zend would dissappear, so thats an unlikely scenario. Using such third party framework would also be a boost to the addon community.   Anyway, I hope that you will produce somethign even better than Zend and CI.
  4. IPS Connect on multiple domains.

    Currently it is not possible to share cookies across domains. But the question keeps coming up again and again, so I hope that IPS will implement this function soon.
  5. consistency in your code.

    What does a dev need to do to get certified? I cant see the application and am interested to know what standards are used.
  6. The issue is that there is not one cookie law. Each country has its own implementation of the EU directive into national law. The Netherlands is one of the countries that implemented the EU directive in the most strict way. Meaning that all website cookies need to be fully described on the website and any cookie which is not necessary for the user needs to be agreed upon before it can be placed. Its nothing short of idiotic, but it is what it is. At least at the moment. A major issue is that EU countries need to start giving out hefty fines starting this month. In the Netherlands the Watchdog has announced that they will be giving out fines of up to €450.000 EURO. The Watchdog has created a crawler that checks if websites comply with the law. What is needed is that websites add a section about cookies to their privacy statement, which lists explicitly: - what cookies are. - which cookies the website uses. - what these cookies are for. Webmasters can figure this out themselves, but it should not take IPS more than 30 minutes to whip such text up for its customers. If a website uses anything other than functional cookies, then (at least in the Netherlands) there should be a cookie warning that users can click on to agree. This is needed for: - Any IPS cookies other than functional cookies - Google Analytics (as activated in IPS admin panel - Facebook connect (As activated in IPS admin panel) - Facebook like (As activated in IPS admin panel) - Any other social bookmarking script thats defined in the IPS admin panel. In principle IPS admin panel has sight on the above scripts and therefore its possible to use the data in IPS to define if these cookies are used. This could be useful to many, but as mentioned before there are large discrepancies between countries and it is likely that politicians will back peddle from their idiotic laws once the public begins to complain (already happening) So I am not sure that we can expect IPS to do a lot about this, but I do think that its important for IPS to realize that its possible that IPS clients may get hit very hard by these laws. 6 figure fines are no joke. And if IPS customers get hit hard then that would be bad for IPS as well.
  7. Because:it behaves strangely (adds an extra line break, when you remove this the quote breaks, etc)it does not display the needed information (who you are quoting)quoting multiple texts is confusing.for some reason you need to find a light switch, click it, then find out why all buttons in the editor stop working and then go learn complex code to deal with it all.Try testing this on a forum that mainly has elders as a member base. Its easy to predict that it will not fare well.
  8. I think that new features for widespread use should not be released unless they are granny proof. The quote function is not.
  9. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Please add hashtag functionality to this addon. Hashtags are basically the same as tags, with the difference that hashtags are in posts. Both hashtags as tags link to threads tagged with the same tag.   Please also add the function to follow a tag.
  10. #hashtags IPB

    A hashtag and a topic tags are essentially the same thing: a hotlinked tag that links to topics on the same subject. The only difference between a hashtag and a topic tag is that topic tags are not in posts, while hashtags are/would be. It would be useful to have such in-post tagging functionality. Mainly so that people can follow a tag.
  11. Best Answers, Unusable . . .

    Many of the questions of my site are titled: Urgent question!!!! Please HELP! I think it should work like on Yahoo! Answers. But frankly speaking, this 'best answer' feature is just one feature that makes Yahoo! good at answers. Without the rest, and specifically the way questions are asked (with autosearch) the function is incomplete at best.
  12. The IB Cerberus product indeed does this. Its freely available on There are developers who offer advanced functionality for Cerberus. I have been running it for some time.
  13. Meanwhile there has been a significant change: PaybyCash, renamed to Playspan has been acquired by VISA and has been much improved: Many payment methods have been added to their already large array of payment methods. They now cater specifically to communities, content providers and gaming sites. Adding a service such as Playscan to IP.Nexus would be a big step forward for websites outside of the USA. It would greatly increase the income of IP communities.
  14. New unread post behavior

    The icon is not very easy to find due to its size, changing icon and the fact that its sometimes not clickable. It would be nice if there would be a setting to control this behavior and allow admins to let the main link go to last unread, and the icon to go to the first post. Most people on my big board go straight to last unread. I fear this is especially confusing for users who are used to vbulletin and this therefore makes the transition to IPS more difficult.
  15. This concerned the converter which was frequently updated. None of the bugs are marked with a version. Probably is because no suitable version is in the tracker drop down.