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  1. Sharing Gallery Albums

    Still looking todo something like this if anyone has had any ideas.
  2. Oh well in that case the feed blocks still are not working after upgrade
  3. When will this be released?
  4. great news :thumbsup:
  5. Have to agree with this. I was a little surprised to find out that the feed blocks don
  6. Gallery Updates

    Good news :thumbsup: When will we be able to get our grubby hands on it?
  7. It would be nice to be able to include the category the article or entry belongs to in a block. I have a couple of custom databases and the normal article system. I have made blocks for all of these with feeds from latest content etc however you cant include the category that particular entry/article belongs to. For example if i make a new article post and put it in my news flash category i would like to display the post like the following in a block. Article name: big news Category: News Flash Short description I've been told by tickets that this isnt possible. Would be nice to have such a feature in upcoming versions :thumbsup:
  8. Gallery layout questions

    Few months??? :o think pretty much everyone was expecting a release weeks ago. Well i was >_<
  9. Sharing Gallery Albums

    Ok i have posted this before but i thought i would start a new thread to get my point across as i feel this is a vital part of the gallery. After looking at the bbcode to share albums I have to admit I
  10. Sort by custom fields

    Does anyone want to take this on as a project? willing to contribute towards it as i am in dire need of it. :whistle: