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  1. there's no option to receive the notifications when someone like your article and like your commentary, it's a a bug or normal ?if it's normal, i think the next version will need this amelioration
  2. Show Full Blog Entries

    You can change this in "manage language"
  3. "You Have Been Kicked"

    i submit my ticket 29 october and jason answer me
  4. "You Have Been Kicked"

    yesterday i've been kicked 10 times in 1 hour (same thing for all my members) I love IPB, but this is not serious, find a solution please
  5. Notification when someone add your name

    but like others notifications, you choose to receive or not, i don't see where is the problem
  6. Notification when someone add your name

    when someone reply to your topic, we have already the option to receive notification or not.
  7. Hello Like facebook, it will be very good to add notification when someone add your name in a topic with tag member systemMatt, bfarber... what do you think ?
  8. IP.Chat Saying User Limit is Reached

    same thing
  9. Need more Ad placement control:

    we need ad locations please IPB, make it real
  10. same thing, the multiple categories is very important for all website
  11. IP.Content 2.1 Dev Update: External Widgets

    it's crazy, it was THE news i really want to read since some weeks, thanks IPB
  12. IP.Board 3.1.3 Developers Update: Hooks Improvements and Changes

    I hope one thing, a hook for recent article in ip board
  13. [Feature Request] Similar Articles

    agree too
  14. Promote to Article -> Author

    same thing