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  1. The Responsive Design

  2. First Post in Thread as Wiki

    Was on some forum the other day and noticed there was an option to set the first post as a wiki - which allows any one with proper permissions to edit the first post - and of course have history and roll back features. Is this something on the IPS horizon or something that could be useful? just curious.
  3. Downloads Sidebar Navigation

    I really wish the side bar on downloads would remain static and show all levels in the hierarchy and perhaps accordion for the 3rd + subcategories  as it is now you have no means to build muscle memory or know where you are vs where you were because the sidebar changes so radically.  
  4. Separate forum for REST API

  5. Separate forum for REST API

    since this is new and manageable I propose  a dedicated forum for Rest API discussions?
  6. In the ACP there is a column on the left it includes your primary navigation, The second column to the right of that is sub areas for features & settings. The remainder of the area is the interface where you adjust the individual settings for the selections made. However this is where things get confusing and in some cases out of control because this area may contain to many settings you introduce another interface design pattern "TABS". In the above case its not too terrible as there are only six tabs. But in other areas this model breaks down quickly - and to no fault to custom application / theme developer -  who is most likely limited to the use of this design pattern for this section. The issue with tabs is that they move around depending on the width of the browser window, this prevents anything from being committed to muscle memory. ( reminds me of MS Office of old where tabs rows would keep flipping around -and you had to click every single one to remember where a setting was) I would propose a new core design approach to this: a column that appears as needed between the second column and the content area. (vertical tabs)  quick photoshop sample: 
  7. I can't seem to find anywhere from the front of the site the statistics for any ads placed as a paid advertiser they no longer have the ability to see the clicks & impressions. The Manage purchases needs some work. - Especially for Advertisements.  End Users / Members need the following: be able to see the ACTUAL artwork for purchased ad I am searching all around the manage purchases and nowhere can i actually see the artwork that I submitted for the banners  be able to mange the assets - artwork and links. be able to view the clicks & impressions ( perhaps graphs & charts ) be able to see historical expired ads & artwork  be able to reactivate older expired ads with current pricing with out needing to re - upload artwork.  
  8. Also ability for the paid member to EDIT these assets - images and links -  any time while their ads are active. Once a post published edit is made the existing ad and link must REMAIN ACTIVE until admin can approve the replacement ads, to ensure the artwork and links abide by sites terms of service.  Add assets should NOT be deleted from the system at least for some time ( 1 year ) so that you have historical history of WHAT was displayed, and where links were directed.   
  9. Thanks IPS - just realized that multi size ads are now possible via the store for end users! Since by nature the site is responsive if someone is signing up for ads and doesn't elect to upload multiple sizes then their ad may not display as often, and changes still requires a backchannel exchange between site operator and end user to get the files and upload artwork.  Some ads are fixed size some and wouldn't need ability to upload different sizes, Other locations like banners do need alternative sizes, when placing order for these specific locations being able to force the user to upload the artwork at order submission.
  10. IP.Chat Enhancement

    i have been asking for the past 3 years for SOMEONE fix the css so that the window scrolls and fits the browser properly when using a pop out. - still holding my breath!  
  11. 4.1.4 - unread content extremely slow

    i have the same issue and have an open ticket. - was told to upgrade - but didn't fix the issue.
  12. to extend this further - i would like to see if we submit a ticket thru our ACP we should be able to reply through our own ACP and see our support history. 
  13. The contact form (in the footer) uses the email address found at SYSTEM >  SETTING > EMAIL SETTINGS > Incoming Email Address  - Each Department can have it's own email account for incoming emails and users could email directly to that email account if you have setup Email to be Piped to the script which will show in to the support system.  (if you have access to your server cpanel you can setup EMAIL PIPE or POP3) - I would like to see a switch that you can use the basic contact us email form OR that link would use the support system where the user can choose what department and any additional fields that are setup.  -
  14. possible temporary alternative.    - if you have email piped to a department change the contact form email address to that incoming email address.  
  15. Try this Application > Commerce open the triangle and choose the padlock on the Support and make sure guests have access. spoke to soon... Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available to guests, but may be available if you sign in. Error code: 2X265/1