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  1. 4.1.4 - unread content extremely slow

    i have the same issue and have an open ticket. - was told to upgrade - but didn't fix the issue.
  2. to extend this further - i would like to see if we submit a ticket thru our ACP we should be able to reply through our own ACP and see our support history. 
  3. The contact form (in the footer) uses the email address found at SYSTEM >  SETTING > EMAIL SETTINGS > Incoming Email Address  - Each Department can have it's own email account for incoming emails and users could email directly to that email account if you have setup Email to be Piped to the script which will show in to the support system.  (if you have access to your server cpanel you can setup EMAIL PIPE or POP3) - I would like to see a switch that you can use the basic contact us email form OR that link would use the support system where the user can choose what department and any additional fields that are setup.  -
  4. possible temporary alternative.    - if you have email piped to a department change the contact form email address to that incoming email address.  
  5. Try this Application > Commerce open the triangle and choose the padlock on the Support and make sure guests have access. spoke to soon... Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available to guests, but may be available if you sign in. Error code: 2X265/1
  6. Guidelines & Privacy Policy

    why do these things look so different?  Why is Guidelines something that shows in the navigation menu and not in the footer like Privacy Policy? Since your editing these things from the same Page in the ACP one would expect their appearance to be similar and more of a "footnote" to the site and not a general navigation destination once someone has registered or been schooled by a moderator.
  7. It seems strange to me that each theme has its own site logo, sharer logo and favicon image. yes i can understand that some backgrounds and styles may render the standard logo not legible - so having an "OVERRIDE" on a specific theme makes sense.   It would be nice if there was a way to on the theme to have a toggle to use "default logos" and only have the logo section as an override. Also in this section perhaps a custom override to the css for the logo's height or width.   And yet FORUM icons are static to the forum not dependent on any theme, one would think these would need a theme override? As for the sharer image and the fav icon - why does this even need to have any variation if an admin is trying to brand their identity why should matter if the end user is using an alternative theme?    
  8. We cant search 3 letters/less. REALLY?

    what if there was a system that an administrator could add a library 3 letter words / acronyms , and when posts are made if it contains one of the key words it would auto tag the content or record the post id and perhaps its character position, searches of 3 charters would consult this table?!
  9. update notification... SMS?

    noticed a nice little options to add email accounts for notification about site updates. Would be nice to check a box and indicate SMS option so i could add my carriers email gateway like ##########@txt.att.net (first 10 is a cell phone) this would make the content of the message terse and conform to 140 character standard.  
  10. Updates & Feedback

    my experience IPS has always came thru however when your in the thick of it and frustrated it can seem like your barely a blip on the radar. One thing that got my ire up was when i would be asked a question and my response was responded by several other individuals and only required reading back to catch up but having to answer the same questions or recap the issue. Especially if you responded immediately and then it took hours or days for a reply. Sometimes it feels like sending a transmission to Mars.  If in the future if there was a way to engage with Tech Support on a interactive method - Slack - or something similar where you can tackle the issue in just a few minutes where as the combined time to write emails back and forth and the delays in response time only fuels frustration - other times during the idle time between messages you may stumble across something that seems to remedy the issue and then you get a terse message back that they can't replicate the problem because it got resolved - sadly wasting valuable time for staff. 
  11. there are some low hanging fruit that would really help if they were accessible from the front of the site vs having to long in to the ACP and establish context to execute a function... Log in As - I am looking at someones profile or reading an issue they are having - being able to click button to log in as them - (even if it challenges me for my credentials its fine) but right now i have to open a new tab in to the ACP and then navigate to the members do a search for that person just to be able to log in as them to identify an issue. Need a button to reset and send new password. at least once a week people request a new password a button that would reset and send them the needed emails would be very handy.  Are there other features that as an admin you feel you constantly change and would find handy to be able to make these changes from the front of site?      
  12. I have two databases that are not using categories however if you choose Managed Followed Content the option for the managing the Categories appears. These links should not be present for database that don't use categories. 
  13. It may be just me but its a bit of noise having an entry for someone following a topic they just created - since this is automated process - and the micro second that the records are created in the database at times they appear out of order - sometimes the follow activity shows before the post itself. I would much prefer to see manual actions – if someone manually followed content –  as that would indicate user engagement.    
  14. Menu Live Preview

    This element needs to go above not in the footer - and the menu items need to slide down when the Live preview is active.  When the live preview is active you can't scroll down to see the menu items - 
  15. would be nice to have a button that copied the sql functions to the clipboard when running thru the updater, or at least selected the content for you to perform the OS copy command.