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  1. There is no context in regards to the duplicate items in this list - yes they are different article databases but to what context. The layperson on a site would have no basis to make an informed decision as to what articles they are referring.   
  2. Clients Tab

    I would also suggest perhaps moving it under "Resources" as its not taking you to the IPS website but a deep link to the client area - that is not something needed daily.  
  3. Pls bring back custom RSS feeds

    wonder if there will be some way to integrate the blogs / and article RSS or other feeds to ios9 News app https://developer.apple.com/news-publisher/
  4. Stream Content Order

    Shouldn't the event of following a topic come after the posting of the topic? They probably have the exact same timestamp and perhaps the activity stream is sorted by timestamp alone.  ok that is very strange earlier today the order of the All Activity stream had it reversed - the content was followed before the content was added. - 
  5. There needs to be a way to SORT / FILTER / HIDE past purchases.  Right now it shows me the oldest thing I have purchase first and i have to scroll thru products that are EOL and not even supported any more - or not compatible with the version of the forums I am operating.  It would be nice to hide or ignore past purchases. 
  6. Idea for Marketplace

    A simple sidebar block that showed me my purchases would be nice  
  7. Its great that the Admin has ability to toggle these items for the "default" streams but i wonder why that can't be an end user choice? Perhaps the interface setup for these should be more like how the Notifications are. Enabled or Disabled for Stream / Member Can Edit
  8. It would be great if there was a checkbox to allow the end user to pin their ( one or more - ACP limited by permission or group ) custom menu to the second level (or - top level) navigation bar.  In the current implementation the admin has forced the experience (in the case here - All Activity)- I would say my users may think it's just too much noise and it is the default for this site. Once they customize their setting and choose it as a default or move it to the top of the list clicking the main Activity tab would execute their custom stream. Unless admin's make make a stream (i.e. recreate the VNC) that best suits the community and moves it to the top level navigation all other implementations require multiple clicks or dig thru a sub menu - which could increase load to the site because the users first choice did not yield the desired results, forcing them to make yet another query.  
  9. Activity Stream Content Types

    This list of items is either missing the parent application or other organizational pattern - the name used here is not descriptive enough - it would be tedious if the Admin had to go thru the language editor to change these labels. Should there be a field on the app settings for these as to what the "Content Type" name is for this filter? It's very confusing as there are three "Articles" sections here - 
  10. I have long needed a way to find posts that have NO replies or with fewer then 5 replies where the author only has a few posts (newbies) I would love to see a way to add filters based on total participation of the topic and the authors total post count (or group) of the content author. Why: For Moderators to keep an eye on newbies making posts - to allow them faster opportunity to welcome people and provide assistance or see that a post needs to be moved in to another forum. --- When choosing a filter option of Content Types you use the term "Narrow By" - I guess I could always change that language string but wonder if some other term may make better since for the context: "Shown From" / "Filtered By" / "Limited To"  - Just an opinion Narrow By to me just doesn't convey the best grammar for the feature.  
  11. Looking at the item in the stream it would be most helpful if you can see the reply / view counts. 
  12. There is no "star" or other visual indicator that I had participated, an item by looking at the stream Perhaps a double circle around the content type circle?    or   
  13. Need for Mobile VPN ?

    i have heard good things about https://www.tunnelbear.com
  14. It would be nice if there was a Widget on the right side of the Marketplace that showed me a listing of My Purchases and ranked by last update ( version not comments ) so that you don't have to hunt them down. - Since none of the apps i've purchased seem to work with the Update check via the ACP, and some like themes most likely won't ever have update notifications this way. 
  15. Correct and this has been a long time suggestion and find it sad that its still not native since this functionality already exists in the blogs and in the pages CMS. - I have never wanted to create a post and have it "locked" and then "unlock" at a given time - however I have always wanted a way for people to post things that perhaps embargoed for a certain go live date. I hate having to get up at 6am because something has to publish at 9AM Eastern time.