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  1. Slow Load Speed

    How varnish works out with downloading files? aka exe, pk3, zip, rar, etc. Does it cause issues or interference with it? 
  2. Awww. So many bugs in IPS...

    You should have waited till 4.1.x or 4.2.x. I might make a jump around 4.1.x or 4.2.x.  I still don't like how once you click on profile it show's all user activity and very less profile info. I clicked on profile to view about that user but it's all about content now. I wish profile would had 2 tabs. Profile Info and Activity. There are lot's of things which I don't like in IPS 4. So waiting for more features and new updates. Once you feel it's ready for your website, upgrade. 
  3. Paypal IPN Notification URL

    Thing is not everyone on my forums got stripe account and it doesn't make sense, to break my working donations subscriptions just because IPS removed semi-working functionality of subscriptions from Nexus. I also have PayPal merchant account so it's more convenient for me to use PayPal.​Been using subscriptions since IP.Subscription exist and then migrated to IP.Nexus but with this stripped out functionality of add-ons, I don't feel like updating forums at all.
  4. Paypal IPN Notification URL

    ​That's not possible in our case since we have donation based subscription and it's much required to pay the server bills. I believe any avg gaming community would be having those subscriptions if they are using Nexus. 
  5. Paypal IPN Notification URL

    ​Please keep us posted so we know the outcome. Thank you!
  6. Paypal IPN Notification URL

    What happens to current subscriptions? I got more then 50+ subscriptions. I think this is going to be pain in da butt. I should have never bought IP.Nexus. I was happy with using paypal side bar hook but then I thought to purchase it and moved all subscriptions to Nexus. Now wondering what will happen to existing ones. 
  7. Do u run photography based forum?

  8. Paypal IPN Notification URL

    ​No more subscriptions based options in IP Nexus 4? We have all subscription based packages and if that's gone, I need to start finding alternatives. 
  9. 4.0.1!!!

    ​I am planning to do a test run. Been a while, actually I did that. Updates from 3.0 to 3.4 where smooth. 
  10. Show yourself

    ​Show me your vampire ring!!
  11. Show yourself

    ​I thought you where in high 30's.You are young!
  12. 4.0.1!!!

    ​Why do you have to write your post with double space lol  I am sticking with 3.4 till the addons which i use get upgraded. I will update 2 of my boards and other will be on 3.4 till 4.1 comes out. 
  13. 4.0.1!!!

    When they will have confidence in there "own" product.  That's how I see it and off course opinion differs from person to person. 
  14. 4.0.1!!!

    I do that often but with all the notifications which I get spammed from friends to followers, they often get missed. Also before in IP.Tracker, I used to generate list and easily find defects which I wanted to through CTRL + F. ​I also used to check what bugs are still left as is and see if they impact our forums or not and then decide to upgrade or not.  Just adding one more option of version fixed in @filters would help. Just a suggestion if that's possible.
  15. 4.0.1!!!

    Charles, possible to add functionality on current bug tracker like old IP.Tracker had? So that we can see what bugs are fixed in what version. Really miss the old tracker.