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  1. New CometChat integration V3 released!

  2. New CometChat intergration V3 released!

  3. where are the conversion scripts held to convert phpbbv3 to ipb?

    1. Ryan Ashbrook

      Ryan Ashbrook

  4. hey my friend how can i make a cool homepage, im very new to this

  5. All IPContent blocks now listed with the new marketplace, Please can someone authorise them for me :) Thanks!

  6. Can someone from IPS Staff please answer my Client Area support request?

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    2. .Brian


      I don't see any tickets open for you?

    3. Graeme Leighfield

      Graeme Leighfield

      Its been resolved now, some kind soul helped me out :)

    4. Collin S.

      Collin S.

      Abnormalist: General Support is staffed all the time, including weekends. I should know - I've been doing tickets all day. :P

  7. Thread Preview

    Oh Matt, now you've done it :whistle: The status updates such as "waiting for 3.2" will now start flooding in >_<
  8. Playing .flv video's Have a read through there :)
  9. Playing .flv video's

    Ive got flowplayer successfully working :)
  10. Examples of sites using ip.content

    heres mine and a few other sites that im working
  11. Would like to start a Wolfie fan club! Who else is in?

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    2. Robulosity2


      Providing said Fan club includes tying him to a fan and turning it on very high...

    3. I am Freddy G

      I am Freddy G

      wolfie is NOT annoying :)

    4. Wolfie


      Owoooo! :P

  12. Is anyone using Nexus yet?

  13. Is house hunting! Getting a Mortgage seems rather frightfull tho!

    1. Gaffney


      Mortgage = life consuming.

    2. Jim


      Graeme, give the Post Office a go for your mortgage, just done mine through them and they were the best rate

  14. Flash come to iPhone

    Apple will never officially have flash on there devices. Jail break is the only way. I doubt after Steve Jobs little outburst at Adobe a few months ago adobe would even let Apple put it on any of there devices